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Are You An Energist?

Are You An Energist?

You might be a priest, a shaman, a healer, a therapist, an artist, a musician - but are you also "an energist"?

What is an energist? Is that like an anarchist, or something else? Here's want an energist isn't.

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Are You An Energist?

You might be a priest, a shaman, a healer, a therapist, an artist, a musician - but are you also "an energist"?

What is an energist? Is that like an anarchist, or something else?

Here's want an energist isn't.

An energist isn't someone who "believes in energy."

Someone who believes in energy is a nice believer, but not an energist.

An energist is someone who knows energy is real, and has had their own personal experiences which have convinced them of that fact.

An energist can stand up and explain exactly what happened and when it was that the lights went on, the moment of Amazing Grace arrived, and the reality of energy became known to them.

Would you like to hear my story of the moment when I became an energist? And I wasn't even a believer before that, I had never given energy much thought and never engaged in New Age practices or any form of spiritual practice before my formative experience came to pass. This is often the case with energists, and that can annoy the believers who believe but are still waiting for their personal moment.

Well, here is mine.

I was working with companion animals and domesticated animals who had behaviour problems. But their behaviour didn't make sense. For all the long behaviourist scientific sounding words, there were tremendous anomalies that didn't fit the theory of basic animal behaviour.

We tried to find out what the other factors were that had an influence on animal behaviour, and we went to town investigating hormones, pheromones, food allergies and toxins, genetics, rearing and housekeeping practices, training methods, environmental influences - but still, there was something missing.

What was it?

And one day it came to me what it was in flash of brilliance - it was love.

I was totally astonished and overwhelmed by that insight. Then I ran into my office which contained just about everything that had ever been written on animal behaviour and training at the time and sat all day long, until the light faded on me, surrounded by a mountain of books, trying to find that word in any one of them and it wasn't there.


When you love someone, your behaviour changes. Everything changes. They can hurt you and hit you and you still come back for more. They have enormous powers over you and if they love you back, you over them.

It's a connection, something is being exchanged, something invisible happens that changes everything in a heart beat.

Love. And the absence of love which explains the other half of the anomalies, the attention seeking disorders that lead to self mutilation, insanity and to death if there is enough absence of love.

Later on I learned that my "love" was energy, and what I'd seen was the reality of energy exchanges between social mammals and their environments.

"I once was blind but now I see ..."

And once my mind had been opened to the reality of energy all around us, the effects were everywhere, and I knew I had the master key to why we do the things we do.

So that's my story.

My experience.

I don't "believe" in energy.

I know for a fact that energy is real because I have felt it, seen it, heard it, touched it, lived it, am still living it every day.

Over to you.

Are you an energist?

If you're not, don't be disheartened. Keep on asking the questions that we were asking every day - "What am I not seeing here? What am I missing?"

Or you could ask like the psychic Allan Bridges did when he was still a trial lawyer, "What's behind the mask? What's the real truth here?" He asked that question every day for some years and "it" became revealed to him too.

Be of good cheer if you haven't had your own personal enlightenment experience with the energy worlds and their absolute reality as yet. We are so lucky now, we have techniques now that were unheard of when I first saw the reality of "love" or energy, if you will.

EFT, EMO and all the brand new ways of working with energy directly, logically and through self experience are here and the day will come when you too will have that moment when you cease being a believer and instead become a real energist.

If you are, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

If you'd like to share your story of the moment when it happened and when you got the right to put "ENERGIST" on your personal business card, please send it and we'll publish it here.

And one more thing. If you think your religion forbids you to become enlightened, please re-read the words of your prophets. They wanted us all to know the reality of love on the most personal level there is, feeling it in our own bodies. And anyone who says that's wrong is not a true energist.

Here's to all energists worldwide, and a loving ray of joy to the many believers and to those who are not yet,

Silvia Hartmann

Creator, Energy EFT

Author, Energy EFT

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