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Energy EFT Self Help Treatment: An Embarrassing School Memory

Energy EFT Self Help Treatment: An Embarrassing School Memory

The EFT Story protocol is a hugely important pattern with many uses. Apart from the fact that it can treat any problem that has a story which can be told, it is also a wonderful training device to notice the effects of energetic disturbances on the mind/body/spirit system, to learn about de-stressing, about building a stress free path into the heart of the problem, and taking a negative memory through to a real healing event.

In this article, we find important tips on using the Energy EFT story protocol in self help, and a self help session done by Martina Konecna from the Czech Republic, who is student on the Master Practitioner course which is an excellent example how to do the story protocol right.

May 16, 2012 4,057 Reads More EFT ->

EFT For Pain After Cancer Surgery

EFT For Pain After Cancer Surgery

EFT does not cure cancer; but EFT can help cancer patients in so many different ways to feel better, feel stronger and have a different experience altogether as they move through the various phases of their treatments.

This important EFT case story by Denise Jacques shows that EFT practitioners need not be afraid of working with cancer patients and that wonderful, positive, beneficial results occur when we address the energy system with EFT.

Apr 17, 2012 2,999 Reads More EFT ->

EFT Tapping For World Energy Awareness

EFT Tapping For World Energy Awareness


On August 8th at 8pm we are having a moment to do some real energy work - to change the powerfield of the ages that has made people be blind to the reality of energy. With more energy awareness, the world for all of us must change and becomes a better place.

Here are some ideas for EFT set ups or EFT opening statements to use on World Energy Awareness Day and to help bring the light to many, many more.

May 20, 2011 7,985 Reads More EFT ->

Snooker Psychology: The Kick Is The Enemy

Snooker Psychology: The Kick Is The Enemy

Guest article on limiting beliefs based on stress reversals and how they can cause problems in the game of Snooker. These include the dreaded kick and players attitudes to the game especcially as they get older.

Apr 20, 2011 7,501 Reads More EFT ->

Secondary Gain And Primary Gain In EFT Treatments

Secondary Gain And Primary Gain In EFT Treatments

When God hands you a lemon, you make lemonade ... In Psychology there exists the concept of secondary gain, meaning that there are some benefits from holding on to a mental, emotional or physical problem. In EFT treatments it is important to address these secondary gains, especially when the EFT treatment doesn't seem to be working; but there is also another form of gain, namely the primary gain: the reason for having the problem in the first place.

Includes three example EFT cases to illustrate the concepts of primary gain and secondary gain: EFT Case 1: Psychosomatic Kidney Pain, EFT Case 2: EFT Not Working On Weightloss Issues, EFT Case 3: Failure To Recover From A Stroke.

Mar 22, 2011 4,693 Reads More EFT ->

Improve Your Luck With EFT

Improve Your Luck With EFT

J. B. Rhine, who began investigating paranormal phenomena at Duke University in 1927, conducted a series of experiments whereby volunteers had to predict a suit of cards from a choice of four. He conducted many experiments, and his data showed a small statistic anomaly but it wasn't enough to convince the skeksis that was really something to ESP or, as you might term it, "being lucky at cards".

Recently, someone looked at his raw data and noticed that there were also some test results that were so bad, they were statistically significant also - people who got nothing right, or much less than their "fair share" of accidental bits of good luck. If you add those people, the ones who somehow managed to defy the odds and never get lucky to the ones who nearly always got lucky, you do end up with a really significant result for J B Rhine's experiments ...

Theoretically, everyone should "get lucky" some of the time.

Jun 17, 2010 6,693 Reads More EFT ->

EFT & Feeling Poor 2004

EFT & Feeling Poor 2004

I just came across this article, originally written for the StarFields group, from 2004.

It contains a very interesting EFT pattern that can be used with all manner of unrealistic "feelings" and the example is that of "feeling poor".

Apr 6, 2010 5,735 Reads More EFT ->

Coulrophobia Fear Of Clowns Treated Successfully With EFT

There was a complete family organisation around the mother's coulrophobia which also included that all TV had to be pre-recorded, checked for clowns or clown-like occurrences in cartoon or live format and then the family could view it.

This is a classic case example of how coulrophobia - a fear of clowns - was successfully treated with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Oct 31, 2009 6,387 Reads More EFT ->

Dark Core - EFT For Humanity

Dark Core - EFT For Humanity

Now this person has always had very low self esteem, as they say; and even in spite of many, MANY years in personal development, and even though there was some small improvement, they talked of there being "this dark core, this real darkness, that I can never seem to shake off".

Oct 12, 2008 3,697 Reads More EFT ->

EFT Unlocks Creative Talents, Practical Writing Skills

EFT Unlocks Creative Talents, Practical Writing Skills

Here is a practical, real life case for just how USEFUL it is when people know how to do EFT - the example of an author writing their first book, and using EFT to sort out not just their attitude, but also  their writing skills, thus setting free the "heart of gold", the true message that comes from the heart, and allows it to be heard.

Jun 7, 2007 3,322 Reads More EFT ->

EFT & Money

EFT & Money

EFT & Money - tips from Dr Hartmann on how to use EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques to remove blocks to earning more money, and having more money in your life.

Jan 28, 2003 4,376 Reads More EFT ->

EFT Set Ups What to Say

A running joke in the EFT community is the person who mails, calls or raises their hand and asks, "I have this terrible headache. What opening statement (set up) should I use?"

Obviously, the set up is "I have this terrible headache!"

Here is an example on how to spot the right set up or opening statement, so that the person can know what they should be tapping on.

Nov 1, 2000 3,006 Reads More EFT ->

EFT & Bad Dreams & Nightmares

EFT & Bad Dreams & Nightmares

EFT For Bad Dreams & Nightmares

Bad dreams and nightmares are a very disturbing proposition; it's always well to keep in mind that these are manifestations and symptoms of an underlying problem, and never a problem in and of themselves.

Dec 1, 1999 7,378 Reads More EFT ->
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