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Heart Of Gold: A Powerful Energy EFT Pattern

Heart Of Gold: A Powerful Energy EFT Pattern

Spontaneously discovered during an early Energy EFT Master Practitioner training, the Energy EFT based "Heart of Gold" pattern is a wonderful experience in EFT self help, with a client or practice partner, or with a whole family or group of people.

Universally useful to heal reversals to healing as well as spiritual and earthly success, The Heart of Gold is simple, elegant, profound in its repercussions - and makes you feel like a million dollars.

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Energy EFT

The Heart Of Gold


A New Energy EFT Pattern For Healing & Success

Silvia Hartmann

Published March 2012







Quick Reminder: Energy EFT

Energy EFT works on the principle that we are improving the flow of energy through the energy body by touching special points, likewise, with our healing hands of energy.

The physical actions we perform at the same time, such as touching our faces and hands, and placing the hands in the Heart Healing position on that central place you would point to when you say, “This is me!” are helping us keep our attention in the right places. The Heart of Energy is the most important place in the entire energy body and corrects “global reversals” far more reliably than either the Karate Chop point or the Sore Spot. The Heart Healing position frames the EFT round and starts it to unlock the system for treatment, and stabilises/re-centres the changed system at the end of the treatment.

Energy EFT also uses direct and concise set up statements without the “Even thought ... I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself” cushion for better targeting and control over what we are tapping on. If we wanted to treat either of these two separate issues with Energy EFT, we would do separate rounds for “loving myself” at one time, and “accepting myself” at another time, as those are two separate topics which go to two different places in the energy system. By simply stating what we want to work with, directly and precisely, we make each treatment round more effective.

Another main difference between Energy EFT and Classic EFT is the use of the SUE Scale ( Subjective Units of Experience, Hartmann 2009) which measures how we feel from -10 to +10. It is very important in energy work that we should feel extremely good, very positive emotions, very *empowered* and *inspired* rather than just feeling nothing which is only half way on the way to a real Healing Event.

Energy EFT uses the Heart & Soul EFT Protocol; and for the Heart of Gold pattern to work properly, that's the protocol we want to use.1

How We Found The Heart Of Gold

One of the practice exercises on the new Energy EFT based EFT Master Practitioner program is to help a person create a powerful new positive belief.

  • Beliefs are formed when there is a highly charged event in the energy system that causes a change to the energy system; the conscious mind notices this change, metacomments on the change and those are the words which describe the belief.

This happens with highly charged negative events, trauma events, and it also happens with highly positive events.

The Healing Event from Energy EFT - when the flow of energy has improved to the high positive range on the SUE scale - is a real event, and we can therefore use it for positive belief formation which lasts just as powerfully as any belief created by accident or incident.

In March 2012 I conducted an EFT Master Practitioner training and I was walking around the room and advising the practice teams, answering questions and in general, assisting them to really put some energy into what they were doing.

Many of the participants wanted to use the opportunity to gain a new belief around being able to attract clients, love, wealth and success more easily, and they were using set ups for their EFT rounds which I thought were too mild, too restrained. This is understandable; when you come from the position where you might hold negative beliefs, it's difficult to think of something really powerful that would be the energetic antidote and produce a powerful Healing Event that in effect installs the belief.

For example, one participant wanted to tap on, “I will find it possible to eventually make a reasonable living from helping people with EFT so I can give up my day job and help more people and don't have to charge them too much so they can afford to pay me something.”

We can laugh at that but this person was just expressing a long line of reversals and blocks to a free flow of powerful, motivational, inspiring, energizing energy. I suggest to tap instead on, “I'm a million dollar baby!” This broke the spell and the practice group started to laugh; the energy lifted; the practice partner who was the EFT practitioner on this occasion came to life and start encouraging the client much, much more, and the practice client started to beam within a few short moments.

Another participant wanted to be able to attract more students into their own training programs; their set was, “I can easily get five people to my next training.”

Again, I had to laugh and said, “That's really not a powerful positive belief, that's not something to get excited and energized about, that's not what you would shout if you were on the top of the world, on the top of your game, ready to open the doors and let eager participants stream towards you!”

We laughed and threw some ideas around, and in the end, the set up was, “The more, the merrier!” This represented the idea that the more people come, not only do you get more money, but also get more love, more interaction, more new ideas, more opportunities, more energy, more success and more forward movement for all concerned - the more, the merrier, in other words.

The sense of that was of a big, happy family, and any new people would be welcomed with open arms, another plate would be put on the table and there was now another new friend to help celebrate together, and add their unique gift of themselves to the party.

“The more, the merrier!” felt quite wonderful in every way, and I suspect that welcoming clients and students from such a place would make for very attractive advertisements and a wonderful, loving, event for all concerned.

The next practice group was working with a person who clearly had a lot of reversals and tensions between the whole idea of doing beautiful, loving energy work to heal broken hearts on the one hand, and actually earning money and being really successful and well organised in the material world on the other.

This person made the comment that even thinking about earthly success or charging for their services gave them a heavy heart; it was then I had my energetic flash of inspiration, jumped up and called out, “Oh no, not a heavy heart - you have a HEART OF GOLD!!!”

This had a wonderfully electric effect, a really inspiring effect on the whole practice group and all of us couldn't wait to start the new round of EFT on the Heart Healing position with, “I have a heart of gold!!!” and tapping the reminder phrase, “Gold!” all the way through the round. That was fabulous and when we got back to the Heart Healing position and said once more (with feeling!) “I have a heart of gold!” we were literally jumping for joy and with excitement, hugging each other, beaming, dancing around the room.

Once we had calmed down enough, we discussed what had happened and how each one of us had experienced this; and what we all agreed on was that it was THE HEART OF GOLD which took out all the reversals to real earthly success, to really having gold in your hand, and lots of it - because when you have a heart of gold, you can't be mean, you can't be money grabbing, and whatever you do with your earthly wealth will be from a place of real love and compassion, using this earthly power in new and wonderful ways to make the world a better place.

We also discussed the sheer power of the metaphor of gold - gold is not just money and success, it is the sun, immensely cleansing, healing, representing perfect health, life giving power, and of course, the old alchemical symbol for the immortal soul and the meaning of transforming lead into gold, the physical body transforming and giving rise to the rising of the soul.

There is clearly, no more powerful metaphor which combines success in spiritual terms as well as in earthly terms so beautifully; and it all comes together in the Heart of Gold, that powerful heart centre, the lion heart, that shines brightly and attracts everyone around with its pure and powerful light.

I immediately knew that I wanted the whole group to also have this tremendous experience; so when the workshop came back together after the exercise, we all did the Heart of Gold together and it was an awesome experience that I will personally never forget.

We were so happy with it, we found a song called “Gold” and danced and sang with joy.

This is a clear indication of really high energy flow, an expression of feeling great in mind, body and spirit - dancing is what people do when they are really happy and simply can't stand still any longer.

Why The Heart Of Gold Works So Well

The very first statement on the Heart Healing position, “I have a heart of gold!” sets the scene and gets the energy system ready for accepting the energy of gold in the first place.

Having a heart of gold is naturally attractive; if a person is worried and reversed about being gold rich in the earthly sense, worrying about King Midas, becoming a miser like Dagobert Duck, losing all their friends like lottery winners do, becoming like the evil bankers, or people praying to Mammon or losing their spiritual way, the affirmation that “I have a heart of gold!” soothes all of that right away and focus on something pure and wonderful instead.

  • We innately understand that a heart of gold is a good thing to have, a strong, powerful heart of energy that shines like the sun, that is healthy, that is capable of loving, that a heart of gold is attractive, wonderful, and a really, really good thing to want - with all your heart, at that :-)

The 14 EFT tapping points (tapped mindfully, with full attention, with healing hands switched on, making not just every point really count, but actually every single contact, every tap noticed, felt, encouraged with intention!) with the reminder phrase of “GOLD!!!” (NOT whispered or mumbled, but evoked powerfully, strongly, spoken out loudly and clearly!) activate all the energy, ideas, information and memories relating to gold in its widest metaphorical sense.

This sets up an ever increasing flow of energy, of data, of memories and of sensations; and all of that comes together and culminates in the final Heart Healing position when we gather all of that and let it power up the real and true Heart of Gold.

This is what creates that real threshold shift, that's when an event comes into being - a healing event, an energy event that catalyses all manner of real changes in a person's energy system.

EFT group doing the Heart of Gold EFT pattern in March 2012
If you have a heart of gold,

you don't need to be afraid of earthly wealth any more!



Tips On The Heart Of Gold Energy EFT Pattern

The Heart Of Gold For EFT Self Help

Firstly, any person can do it by themselves.

I strongly encourage you to take your time though; to make sure you're in a good place, physically, mentally and energetically before you start.

We were relaxed, comfortable and happy, in a beautiful room with the sun streaming in through the windows, well fed, well watered, and we'd been doing quite a bit of EFT in the day already before the GOLD! experience happened.

So I would say, don't rush this.

Wait for the right moment, when you have space, when you have time and when you too are in a good state of mind, body and spirit; do a few warm up rounds of Energy EFT first, just on “release stress!” and “energy” to get your system awake and ready for action.

Remember to:

Do this standing up, not sitting or lying down. This is not a meditation, it is active, powerful energy work for practical effects in the real world.

Move freely and move a lot to keep your body loose and your energy moving freely. Move your neck and shoulders, your hips, spine, knees. Use your fingers and toes too and keep your face relaxed as you tap on it. Go with the sensations of the energy movements as you feel them; you can walk around too if that helps. Be free and expressive in your movements and gestures, be liquid and flowing in your body.

Breathe deeply, in and out, at least once and preferably more than once on each treatment point. Take a really, really deep breath in, get ready, and say “GOLD!” strongly on the out breath.

Really be aware your energy hands are touching your energy system; pay attention to the feelings in your body (your sixth sense) as energy starts to flow and move.

Speak the words out strongly and powerfully. Don't whisper, don't mumble, and don't think that you can do this without letting the words ring out. There is a lot of energy in words, and our voice is one way in which energy is released, both from our own systems but also into the world at large. If you are scared to speak up and be heard, find a good time and place where you can speak up and speak out for the Heart of Gold and feel free to do so.

When you tap the 14 points, focus. Pay attention. Make every single contact count and take advantage of every single one of the 14 points to its maximum potential. You can stay longer on any point if you want to, and say, “GOLD!” more than once if you feel you need it.

Overall, always hold the intention beyond all else that you sincerely and heartfelt want to improve the energy flow through your energy body. Focus on that, don't think of this in terms of a “get rich quick scheme” so you can pay your bills. Forget that, focus on your heart of gold, on gold in its widest metaphorical sense, and on your powerful building desire to feel strong, joyous, energized, and have a really amazing energy experience.


Heart Of Gold EFT With Clients & Partners

All these rules also hold if you do this together with a partner or with a client.

Don't stay outside of it or think you're helping the other and this has nothing to do with you.

Enter into it so you are both doing this together, and each one of you really means it when you evoke, “I have a heart of gold!”

If you are a practitioner with a client, or the more experienced partner with EFT, do remind you both to move and breathe, speak up and out, loud and clear, and put in some desire, intention and energy.

Ramp it up, really GO FOR GOLD when you do this. Give it your best shot!


Heart Of Gold EFT With A Group

When you are leading a group, take some time to get them ready to do this. Tap for a warm up first, release stress, activate your healing hands if that's appropriate, do a few rounds just to settle in, get in rapport, get the EFT round itself to flow freely and easily so we're not distracted when it comes to it.

Certainly, don't worry too much to get it right, and if you do, TAP ON IT! so you stop worrying and get to feel a sense of excitement, joy, DESIRE to really activate the heart of gold in yourself and the whole group.

This is a fantastic exercise also for families; kids as young as 2 can join in and tap too, and babies can be brought in so they're THERE and a part of the family and get the resonance from the hearts of gold as well.

For work groups, companies and departments who want to do better work, earn more money, become more productive this is a fabulous thing to be doing; and for sports people, going for gold has an additional dimension and meaning.

Which is the amazing thing about “gold” in its widest metaphorical sense - what a wonderful word!

So here is the Energy EFT Heart & Soul protocol to use for The Heart Of Gold:



Energy EFT Heart & Soul Chart

EFT Diagram with tapping points for energy eft


The Energy EFT Round

EFT uses major energy centres and special energy points or meridian points to stimulate and improve the flow of energy through the energy body.


0 = The Heart Centre. This is where we start and finish our round of EFT by placing both hands flat on the centre of the chest in the Heart Healing Position and take three deep breaths in and out.


  1. Top Of The Head - The highest point on the top of your head.

  2. Third Eye Point - In the centre of your forehead.

  3. Start Of The Eyebrow - Where the bone behind your eyebrow turns into the bridge of your nose.

  4. Corner Of The Eye - On the bone in the corner of your eye.

  5. Under The Eye - On the bone just below your eye, in line with your pupil if you look straight ahead.

  6. Under The Nose - Between you nose and your upper lip

  7. Under The Mouth - In the indentation between your chin and your lower lip

  8. Under The Collarbone - In the angle formed by your collarbone and the breastbone

  9. Thumb - all finger points are on the side of the finger, in line with the nail bed.

  10. Index Finger

  11. Middle Finger

  12. Ring Finger

  13. Little Finger

  14. Karate Chop Point - on the side of your hand, roughly in line with your life line.


0 = And to finish the round of EFT, back to the Heart Healing Position where we take three deep breaths in and out.

How to tap EFT finger

Take a moment now go through the sequence, starting with the Heart Healing position where you take three deep breaths in and out.

Then find and touch each point in turn with your index finger.

Touch each point lightly, breathe deeply and simply pay attention to how that feels, and how each point creates all kinds of different sensations you can feel in your body.

If this protocol is new to you, practice it for a few days so you are familiar with how it works and how it feels so you are ready to go for gold!




The Heart of Gold After The Event

“I have a heart of gold!” is an extremely powerful thing to focus on in moments of stress, in moments where heart break may threaten; in moments of doubt (which is also only energy body stress!) and frankly, I cannot think of any situation where a heart of gold wouldn't be a most wonderful and truly magical friend, ally, protector, generator of power and support to have inside yourself :-)

People always wonder how they can improve their X-factor, that mysterious something that makes all the difference, no matter what you do.

The X-factor is the energy body, and there's nothing that can brighten up the entire energy system and make it come to life than to have a shining heart of gold.

It imbues the energy body, the whole aura with love and light, with power, health and all those things we yearn for, and rightfully so.

As gold is such a fabulous super-metaphor, you can use that moment to stabilise yourself and encourage and activate your heart of gold for all manner of life's challenges - regardless of whether that should be in love, in relationships; in wealth, prosperity and reality creation; in artistic endeavours, creativity and contribution; in spiritual health, happiness, and soul matters; or simply in feeling wonderful, young and strong inside no matter what the weather.

You don't have to tap a whole round of Energy EFT (which takes all of three minutes!) every time either.

Just placing your own healing hands on your own heart of energy, and remembering that have indeed and in all reality, a true heart, a powerful heart, a lion heart, a real heart of gold can make all the difference.

I was truly delighted to have discovered this wonderfully simple and yet so amazingly powerful pattern with the help of the wonderful participants at my EFT Master Practitioner training and I am likewise delighted to pass it on to you.

And please, do pass it on.

Everyone deserves to feel that when all is said and done, we really do have a true heart of gold.

With my best and heartfelt wishes to you -

Heart of Gold logo


Silvia Hartmann

Author, Energy EFT

March 2012



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1 For more information about Energy EFT, please see Energy EFT 2016 by Silvia Hartmann.

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