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EFT & Aromatherapy

EFT & Aromatherapy

When we combine tapping EFT with aromatherapy, we can create some very interesting experiences of healing and improving the flow of energy.

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EFT & Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy essential oils are highly concentrated and energetically very active, beyond all the many, many chemical and biological components they carry.

Aromatherapy oils also engage our sense of scent which is very powerful and affects our brain chemistry; energetically, when we inhale the scent of an essential oil, the energy is carried right around our energy bodies too.

When we combine EFT with aromatherapy, we can create some very interesting experiences of healing and improving the flow of energy.

A wonderfully de-stressing, re-energizing and potentially also very powerful EFT healing experience is to choose an essential oil, dilute it appropriately, and massage the treatment points gently.

Rubbing essential oil into the healing hands before the EFT treatment can both activate as well as subtly shift the energy experience, depending on the essential oil that is being used.

Use the EFT Heart & Soul Protocol for best results in combining EFT & Aromatherapy.

In all dealings with essential oils, please follow the safety protocols, including:

Dilute any essential oil in a carrier oil at at least a ratio of no more than one drop of essential oil to 10ml of carrier oil;

Do an allergy test on a small area of skin before using it on your face;

Your skin should be make-up free so the essential oil can't react to substances in the make up.

Here are some commonly available essential oils to try:


  • Lavender - refreshing, cleansing, freeing;
  • Eucalyptus - awakening, lifting, intelligence;
  • Frankincense - reflection, spirituality, expansion;
  • Tea Tree - antiseptic, anti-illness, healing;
  • Pine - grounding, stabilising, supporting;
  • Rose - loving, softening, forgiving, anti-grief;
  • Lemon - anti-fear, anti-stress, enlivening, rejuvanating.


Matching an uplifting essential oil to your needs, moods and energy requirements can really create the most wonderful energy experiences in EFT self help and self healing.

Find an aromatherapy essential oil for your problem here: The Remedy Finder

Let the universe choose an essential aromatherapy oil for you today.

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