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EFT Heart & Soul Protocol

by Silvia Hartmann

EFT Heart & Soul Protocol

The EFT Heart & Soul Protocol is an evolution of the Classic EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Protocol which includes the Heart Healing Posture, the Top of the Head and the 3rd Eye point for an elegant, natural and less "mechanical feeling" treatment flow in energy work.

Also included is a printable EFT Heart & Soul Diagram. 

* The EFT Heart & Soul Protocol is used in the EFT Master Practitioner Training Course certified by TheAMT.

The EFT Heart & Soul Protocol

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques - is a process of tapping or percussing on meridian points in order to improve the flow of energy through the energy body.

Designed by US Engineer Gary Craig, who applied an engineering principle known as “total redundancy” to the much more complex TFT or Thought Field Therapy by Dr Roger Callahan, EFT is the original modern energy treatment technique, freely available to all and is also known as “the ambassador of modern energy techniques.”

The original EFT protocol, also called The Classic Protocol, used a collection of approaches from different fields of research to bring about a change in the client's presenting problems.

After 15 years of practical experience with the Classic Protocol in the field, and a much greater understanding of how to work with energy successfully, the GOE Trainers settled on the new Heart & Soul Protocol as a basic EFT protocol for all comers and all situations.

The Heart & Soul Protocol is a simplification and streamlining of the original Classic Protocol which is particularly designed to be easy to teach, easy to remember, user friendly and applicable to the widest possible range of clients whilst at the same time maximising energy effectiveness across the board.

This new protocol, in conjunction with other significant developments in approaches to client care, essential theory of energy work, instruments used as well as in patterns and techniques, forms the basis of the new GOE EFT Master Practitioner Training.

Bringing theory and practice of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques together to form a cohesive and logical approach to modern energy work is the next step in the evolution.

The EFT Heart & Soul Protocol is offered as a basic start EFT protocol to new practitioners and those learning EFT for the first time; as the practitioner grows in experience, in confidence and studies and researches other EFT protocols, he or she will eventually develop their own unique approaches to energy work with their own clients, suited to the circumstances under which they conduct their professional EFT practice.



The EFT Heart & Soul Protocol


The EFT Heart & Soul Protocol EFT Diagram

Click for a larger/printable EFT Heart & Soul Diagram

So here is the Heart & Soul EFT Protocol all together:

  1. Assume Heart Healing Posture and take three deep breaths, in and out.
  2. Say the set up statement and start tapping/touching/massaging the top of the head. Take a deep breath in and out before moving on to the next treatment point.
  3. Continue in the same way to the Third Eye point and all following points.
  4. Top of the Eyebrow
  5. Corner of the Eye
  6. Under Eye
  7. Under Nose
  8. Under Mouth
  9. Under Collarbone
  10. Thumb
  11. Index Finger
  12. Middle Finger
  13. Ring Finger
  14. Little Finger
  15. Karate Chop
  16. Return to the Heart Healing Posture for a moment of silent reflection. Take three deep breaths, in and out.

This completes the EFT Heart & Soul Protocol.


The EFT Heart & Soul Protocol - ©  Silvia Hartmann - 2003/2009/2011

* The EFT Heart & Soul Protocol is used in the EFT Master Practitioner Training Course certified by TheAMT.

* More information on the changes from the Classic EFT Protocol to the EFT Heart & Soul Protocol.

Posted Apr 28, 2011 by Silvia Hartmann   



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