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50 Years In Therapy

50 Years In Therapy

Ladies & Gentlemen all, it is of the essence to keep it quite clear that EFT can help us - really help us, if we don't misuse it to the degree that it stops working properly and then we end up "all disappointed again ..."

Read this article so you can avoid the awful fate of spending "50 years in therapy ..."

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50 Years In Therapy

A Plea For Saving The Spirit Of EFT


This morning, I came across something interesting.

I believe its a version of "I have to be in therapy for 50 years" which is a belief the Freudians have endowed us with and most of the population carry without even being aware of it.

I met an EFT self helper who had tapped their little fingers bloody over the last few years, metaphorically speaking, all the time, every day, and on all and every issue under the sun.

Often, probably usually, they had tapped all manner of "stress nonsense" from a high state of stress, which does release stress but in doing so, tends to generate innumerable opening statements that spawn from one to the other like the Sourcerer's Apprentice hacking apart the broomstick into smaller and smaller pieces - and they all come after him!

As a result of this, the person had formed the idea that ANY kind of change of anything would take a million opening statements (set ups) and ... yes!


... to accomplish.

And there we are again ...

Right back to where we didn't want to be!

Now it is really NOT in the spirit of EFT, TFT or any of the mind/body techniques they came from - it is the OPPOSITE of what we should be doing with EFT.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that if you are drowning in a sea of opening statements and more and more "aspects" like fractal mathematics springing from each and every problem, you have lost your way BIG TIME, you've lost the heart of EFT, and you're in a wilderness from which you won't escape until you STOP.

Back up.

Let's look at this thing logically.

We need to do something about this.

Here's my recommendations.

1. If you are stressed, just tap for YOUR STRESS, not for anything in particular. Under stress you can and will generate endless opening statements that are just so much dirty floodwater, from "Nobody loves me ..." to "I'm a weakling and an idiot ..." - all of that is bullshit, basically, and you wouldn't even think to think or say that unless you were stressed out of your mind!

So do try and repress the desire to tap on this, that and the other, and focus on something positive, global and beneficial - bringing stress down, bringing clarity UP. Common sense fast forward!

2. The next thing I would advise is to focus on the body sensations relating to the problem.

For example, a person might have experienced a million disappointments with a thousand different people and another thousand different situations, mix and match style, but THE FEELING OF DISAPPOINTMENT IS ALWAYS THE SAME FEELING!

It's not a million opening statements, it is ONE SINGLE ONE.

This movement literally winches you out of the sea of opening statements like a much welcome rescue helicopter who will take you somewhere safe, nice, and where the sun is shining!

3. If you need to tap on an issue, please use the insights from Events Psychology and focus in on AN EVENT - a one time happening, here and now, or something very specific that happened on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2001, at exactly 15.14 in the afternoon.

It doesn't matter if that's a repeat performance, or the first time it happened, or an example of what "always happens" - as long as you keep with an isolated, structural incident, you are going to make some significant progress.

4. If you are going to tap on anything, then PLEASE and for the love of God, COMPLETE THE TREATMENT.

Tapping a bit on this, and a bit on that, and a couple of taps on this, and then on that, is like trying to restore a 15th century castle by messing with a brick here, and a bit of wood there, in a random and disorderly fashion.

This approach will NEVER EVER get anyone anywhere. It's completely pointless and will further, and that's the biggest problem, ERODE YOUR TRUST in EFT over time as nothing gets properly resolved and taken through to the Energized End state, a state of joy and clarity where you know you are now FREE of the problem.

Ladies & Gentlemen all, it is of the essence to keep it quite clear that EFT can help us - really help us, if we don't misuse it to the degree that it stops working properly and then we end up "all disappointed again ..."

The technique works - but ONLY if you apply it right.

This takes a measure of discipline and of basic understanding yourself and how EFT actually works.

So please, watch yourselves.

If necessary, adjust the way you do EFT to make it more effective for you again.

To lose a tool as good as EFT is just because of faulty handling and lack of proper maintenance is as horrendous as using a fine Samurai sword to chop wood and leave it out in the rain to get rusty.

And most of all - do NOT let those old Freudians have the last laugh and say, "I told you so! You need 50 years in therapy!"


November 2009

Silvia Hartmann


50 years in therapy - DON'T DO IT!!!!

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