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Energized EFT: The Birth of Energy EFT

Energized EFT: The Birth of Energy EFT

Energized EFT, first published in 2007, represents an ESSENTIAL EVOLUTION on the way EFT treatments are conducted and led to the creation of Energy EFT.

In this transcript, you can learn the principles and techniques of Energized EFT from Silvia Hartmann, Author of Adventures In EFT, and International EFT Trainer Sandra Hillawi, Author of The Love Clinic

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Energized EFT: The Birth of Energy EFT

Beyond The Zero Point Of Peace

In this transcript, you can learn the principles and techniques of Energized EFT from Silvia Hartmann, Author of Adventures In EFT, and International EFT Trainer Sandra Hillawi.

You will gain practical tips and extremely important insights into how to avoid apex problems, confused and resistant clients, and most of all, how to avoid leaving EFT sessions half done and thus robbing the client of the opportunity to experience a real and powerful healing with EFT and with your help.

Silvia: Hi Sandra

Sandra: Hi there Silvia, how you doing?

Silvia: I'm really well today. OK so, for those who are listening to us I will just briefly explain what this is in aid of.

This conversation we are going to have and the techniques we are going to be discussing are for EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques users and practitioners, and this came along as a result of a question somebody gave on the EMO Energy In Motion news group that we are both members of.

They asked about a feeling of loss after you have tapped an emotion away using EFT.

I have certainly heard that as an objection and as a statement from people who use EFT many times, haven't you?

Sandra: I have, in the first couple of years of using EFT certainly, that's what I was finding myself, and I have heard that a lot, not just in the news groups, but other people who just use EFT have had similar kinds of experiences, not all the time, but often.

Silvia: And there are also a lot of people who wont tap on certain issues for fear of losing something.

Now that is actually quite a significant problem, and I have dealt with a number of people who really do have that issue. They have the sense that if it was to go flat, something extremely important would be lost. You can't talk them out of this, they are quite adamant on this.

There are a number of other problems that are directly related to this. One of them is the Apex effect, where people forget that they have the treatment in the first place, and that, of course, is not good for EFT practitioners as far as referral rates are concerned!

Sandra: Or they forget that EFT had anything to do with the problem disappearing!

Silvia: Exactly, but these things are actually related to a central problem, and I believe that we have found the answer to this. Namely that EFT treatments finish too soon. They stop too early. And I believe that the reason for this is that EFT has inherited a lot of the structures from the old psychological paradigms. These were set up when the client was in a lot of distress or discomfort, and you knew when the treatment was over when the person was calm and peaceful.

Sandra: And not feeling anything.


Silvia: Yes, at zero if you like. So that it means nothing, so the client feels nothing towards the perpetrator, no anger, no hurt, no rage. This is perfectly logical. When someone is in pain they just want the pain to stop, don't they?

Sandra: Yes, that's exactly it.

Silvia: It wasn't until EMO Energy In Motion came around and we found, quite by accident, that when the energy flows through the system smoothly, something very interesting happens -

Sandra: We go beyond zero.

Silvia: Beyond zero joy. The energised end state. All of a sudden people don't feel nothing, they feel enlivened, inspired, joyful, and they are really happy... well happy is not the word! And for practitioners this is really wonderful, isn't it?

Sandra: Oh yes, its much nicer to have some end up feeling bubbly and energised rather than flat and neutral. Even though the neutral feeling is better than pain, there is still further that you can take them.

Silvia: And the other thing is, because of this highly charged emotional state of the energised end state, where people are so happy that they get up and they are clapping and dancing – and that's not a joke! This really happens, often with normally restrained people – they don't forget this. There is no Apex effect with the EMO Energy In Motion treatment.

Sandra: That's true, I hadn't actually clocked that, but I haven't experienced the Apex with an EMO Energy In Motion client. No one has believed that their feeling better is nothing to do with EMO Energy In Motion.

Silvia: Its because there is a positive emotional response the session becomes very memorable. It really does become something you remember with intense joy. I still remember my experience at Gatwick on the stage at the conference! I will never forget that as long as I live it was completely amazing!

So, when these questions came up, that with EFT you could loose something in the process and the Apex effect, we both said that EFT works beautifully, its just that people don't know about the energised end state and they stop the treatment too early!

Sandra: I think that one of the things that having the benefit of the understanding that EMO Energy In Motion brings of the Energy system and how it works and how energy needs to flow and how we need energy nutrition and what that feels like, allows us, as both EFT and EMO Energy In Motion practitioners, to be able to work with EFT with more understanding than when I was purely using one technique.

Silvia: Yes that's right, and that's why we are talking about this today because I am very clear on the theory of this, which is simply when you start to unblock an energy flow and it starts flow again a little bit, your pain goes away, but then there is a state when the energy system really kicks in and come to life. That's when you are getting into the state of “my god I feel so good!” and “Wow, I feel so radiant!”, and people look radiant.

So what I would like you to do is share your experience of using EFT to reach the Energised End State.

So how do we go about doing that?

Sandra: Well, there are couple of cases that spring to mind, where, for instance, somebody I had hated paperwork and was procrastinating about it.

So we started out by with EFT to get the hatred of paperwork down to zero, until she was neutral about it, but to actually demonstrate the point, because she was feeling flat, and could neither either take it or leave it, and to show that you could love and feel buzzy and energised about anything, even paperwork -

So, in the workshop I set her off by asking her a question - “OK, its zero, but how much do you actually Love you paperwork?” and she said about 3/10. So although she has got the hate out, she hasn't actually got the joy. So 70% doesn't love your paperwork, and that's what we tapped on “Even though a big part of me still doesn't love paperwork, I love and except myself”.

We tapped on this, and even though she was saying “I cant believe this, can you possibly Love your paperwork?” and I told her to just go with it and we released that reversal as well “Even though I don't know if its possible to Love paperwork, I love and except myself anyway”.

I did a tour round the room and when I came back she was totally amazed, excited, energised and buzzy and couldn't wait to go home to do her paperwork! She couldn't believe how she felt and was raving to the others in the room about how good she felt about paperwork!

Silvia: How great paperwork is! And how much you can get out of it, doing your paperwork really well!

But that's a wonderful example of exactly this sort of thing. So if you are dealing with a spider phobia, we really want to delve into “My god! That is such a beautiful creature. I love the spider!”

Sandra: Yes, so when you've got to zero, then you can ask questions to take people to a much more positive state.

Silvia: That's really stepping out into a whole new world, isn't it?

Sandra: Oh yes.

Silvia: Once we've got beyond that zero joy point that's just a world that people haven't even expected could exist.

Sandra: And it also applies in relationships. Because, obviously in our relationships thing happen between people that are stored and give us our pain barriers and wounds.

And you can release those events and emotional intensities to zero and then they can take or leave the person, they're not really bothered -

Silvia: And that's no good for marriage is it?!

Sandra: No, exactly, so again there are questions that I would ask them. And the questions come from understanding EMO Energy In Motion. Because, if I had not known EMO Energy In Motion before how could I get the person to take in more of the energy that they have been working with, and that's the principal, because we release a disturbance and we store some kind of a flow so its not hurting any more.

But now, to get energised, what we want is for them to be able to receive and process a higher volume of this kind of energy that had caused a problem before. For example, in a relationship I might ask somebody, “OK, so now its zero, but how does it feel to have a real loving connection to this person?”.

What they do is energetically open themselves up a bit more to see what it feels like, and let more of the energy in. More similarly you could phrase it like “OK, so you don't feel any anger or pain any more but how much do you love them now?”

“How much do you love them when they are doing that behaviour?”

Because there might be a certain aspect of their personality they don't handle very well. So what they energetically do is open up their energy systems up to be able to receive more and then you can get that greater energy flow through their systems to help them get more energised.

Silvia: And that is also really quite important because what we are not doing here is tapping in positive, that is just totally not this. This is a way of working with EFT, where you are starting off with a disturbance, and you are going to zero with the pain, and then you are turning it around into this new stepping forward and opening up the possibilities that are on the other side, when you actually care for an receive the energies that are involved with whatever it is.

I often use the words Love and Attention interchangeably because when you give something your absolute attention you really focus on that, in preference to everything else in the world and that is when you set up a connection between you and that other thing or person or occurrence and that is when the energy starts to flow into you, when you open up and are receptive, when you have your absolute attention on something.

That is a fascinating thing, and its probably good to say to people who are going to do this practice with their clients or are going to teach this to their practitioners out there, is that you needn't call it love, as people might not like the idea of loving a perpetrator or loving a spider -

Sandra: Depending on what the previous problem was.

Silvia: Yes, and depending on their set up and their character and their other beliefs. They might not like it. Like in all the religions in the world, to love your perpetrator is the highest form of character or energy flow isn't it?

Sandra: Yes that's right.

Silvia: It is clearly there and established as a precedent, regardless of which religion we are talking about, that you need the greatest character to achieve that. And if someone has really hurt you, but you can still completely love them.

But I understand in practice that it is probably difficult with the usual western client who say that, well, they have a big spider phobia, now you are trying to get them to love the spider!

So by giving more attention to the spider, that can sometimes come over that. So we have them down to zero on the spider, they can take or leave the spider, they are quite comfortable, and at that moment, I think, that's where the magic comes, and you say “There is a state that can make you feel even better, even stronger and even less afraid of all the spiders in the world! Would you like to try that?”

And people might well go for that, and you can do this thing where you say “OK, if you pay close attention to the spider, how interesting do you find it?” rather than how much do you love it, which is probably not going to go down well with the client. Or how much does it fascinate you? Or how much closer would you like to get to it?

There are various ways of phrasing around it, because we don't want to put people off.

Sandra: How would you like to be able to feel towards the spider?

Silvia: Yes, or more empowered would you like to be in your relationship with the spider. Which could be a perpetrator or, you know, your mother or what ever! Its funny isn't it? The more you love something the more empowered you are towards the relationship with it.

Sandra: And that's because, if you look at it from an energetic point of view, it is, in my personal and professional experience with working with EFT and EMO Energy In Motion, love is a very strong flow within the energy system. And, effectively, yes you are strong, you can handle a lot and you can carry that energy and be much more empowered in relation to that energy.

Silvia: Yes, that's exactly right, and something I have read from an ancient Hindu text is that the most powerful state is when your heart is as open as the sky.

Sandra: Wow.

Silvia: Absolutely nothing can hurt you any more, which is quite, quite beautiful really. And its a really wonderful state of love.

Anyway, I think that this is quite a wonderful thing, to have out there and to have the EFT practitioners play with and use to actually move forward from that zero joy point -

Sandra: To the places beyond. Even by simply using EFT with a little bit more understanding that there is something beyond it.

Even if that understanding has come from our practising and our understanding and researching with EMO Energy In Motion, it has allowed me to bring this concept into my working knowledge of EFT.

Silvia: And that's the beautiful thing about EFT, that you can put these things in, I mean the first thing of EMO Energy In Motion that we tried to put into EFT was the body protocol, where you tap where you feel it in your body you know? “Oh I have pressure on my chest” so you use that for the opening statement.

To avoid having to talk about personal details and that. I do believe that EFT and EMO Energy In Motion work together so beautifully anyway and they are very different things, so there should never be a competition between them. EFT is an extremely useful thing, and with the addition of this knowledge that there is a place beyond this zero joy point, as soon as people know that, they will start to go and look for that, and striving towards that.

What I would like to see is EFT clients to come out the sessions with the same “Wow!” factor, the same bounce and light, and animated faces, that you also get with the EMO Energy In Motion energised end state. Because how you get there doesn't really matter, as long as you get there!

As long as we get happy happy people, proactive people who feel this world has something to offer to them.

Sandra: Yes, and it simply starts with an awareness that there is somewhere to go and its just a case of asking a few questions to start to take someone into being more energised by taking more of that energy in.

To be able to open themselves and receive and process more of whatever that energy was about.

Silvia: Yes, lets think of a few more practical examples before we go. I'm thinking of a lady with Agoraphobia, its just not enough that she can leave the house, she needs to want to be able to leave.

She should be standing on the threshold and thinking “Wow! All those things out there waiting for me!”

You had a second case story that you were going to share with us?

Sandra: Yes, well a lot of them, a lot of the time have been with relationships -

Silvia: That's your speciality!

Sandra: Well I have had couple who have been separated and have not only come back together but have come back together with a wow!

Even restored intimate relations when there haven't been any before. By going beyond zero and by asking “OK, so this event doesn't hurt you, but what else do you want from this relationship?”

“Well I would like it to be this...”

“How much is it like this right now?”

“About 4 out of 10”

So then you can take it to where they would like it to be.

Silvia: Including the opening statement “Even though I cannot believe we can ever get to 10 out of 10 I deeply Love and accept myself.” Yes, that's great!

OK, well that brilliant, we have gone over the main things here, it is really quite simple.

Zero is not the end point, there is another world beyond it.

By asking some gentle questions and by finding the opposite energies that were there before, such as “I hate him” OK, so now you don't hate him any more but would you like to love him?

Sandra: There may still be some resistance there so them you can pick up on the resistance so they can release that.

Silvia: Because look, even the resistance shows you that you not actually at zero yet. And that's a real good test for EFT -

Sandra: Yes I was just about to say that, you can use it for EFT as a test to see if they really are at zero.

Silvia: Yes, I would imagine, especially with the relationship thing, this could be a real movement in the right direction for people who have done a lot of tapping and have had a good effect but are on a threshold where there is no forward movement there.

I think that might be the same threshold, the No Joy Threshold!

It sounds very religious, but you know if we can get our energy system to flow and love the perpetrator... then the worlds a different place!

Sandra: I need to go and work on some of that right now as a matter of fact!

Silvia: Yes I think we all need to on a regular basis because I think that life happens... I'm going to say thank you very much to Sandra -

Sandra: And thank you very much Silvia.


Beyond The Zero Point Of Peace - Energized EFT

Once more in brief:

  • People rightfully express concern about not wanting their feelings to "go flat" or they sense that something important is lost when a feeling is "just tapped away".
  • A common EFT problem is Apex effect and clients feeling confused and dazed after an EFT treatment.
  • The reason for both is that the EFT treatment was not completed; it finished too soon and remains only half done.
  • When the energy system is SUCCESSFULLY treated for a disturbance, the OPPOSITE emotion of the previous emotion comes into being - where there was fear, there is excitement; where there was loss, there is a strong sense of being loved and blessed; where there was sadness, there is joy.
  • People didn't know there was a way to "get rid of negative emotions" and that was all they wanted to achieve.
  • Energy work is different from taking pills to make the pain go away and experience "peace".
  • In energy work, things must happen and they must flow - "no emotion" is akin to energy system death and both resisted instinctively by the clients, as well as actually, very difficult to achieve.
  • By not stopping when "the client feels nothing" but then to continue the EFT treatment "beyond the zero point of peace or nothingness" INTO the other side of the scale, where the client actually comes to life and experiences POSITIVE emotions IN THE SAME PLACE where the previously negative ones were located, nothing is lost and everything is gained.
  • When the client's energy system is "un-reversed" and goes forward instead of backwards, the client feels joyful, energized and happy; but very importantly, also now displays new cognitive insights into their problem as it was, and REMEMBERS the session, and the moment when "the threshold shift" occurred and the bad became the good.
  • It can be said that until and unless the client has experienced a joyful emotion or "an energized end state" the treatment is NEVER fully complete and the problem can come back - although the client probably won't.
  • Go beyond the zero point of peace and give your clients an amazing, life changing experience of EFT!

Energized EFT © Silvia Hartmann 2007

Interview © Hartmann/Hillawi/TSN 2007. All Rights Reserved.


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