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EFT Training For Self Help: The Energy EFT Foundation Course

EFT Training For Self Help: The Energy EFT Foundation Course

Many professional EFT trainings are designed for people who want to practice EFT in a therapy or consulting fashion. The Energy EFT Foundation Course exclusive to GoE is particularly designed for EFT Self Help. Gain a firm foundation to use the power of EFT for yourself, your friends and children, without having to become a professional therapist first. 

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Learn Energy EFT Tapping with the Energy EFT Foundation Course


Many people are thoroughly confused after watching all sorts of Youtube videos where different people are tapping in different ways; with the proliferation of all sorts of EFT variants, and people continuing "to stick a tail on it and call it a weasel," here is a course that will give you firm foundations to get your tapping right.

Especially designed for normal people who want to use the power of Energy EFT to help them master their emotions and turn stress to success, the new Energy EFT Foundation course from the GoE will give you the theoretical knowledge and understanding as well as the practical experience you need. 

As the GoE firmly believes that every professional practitioner should go first and be experienced in EFT Tapping for self help, the new EFT Foundation course is also now a pre-requistie for the Energy EFT Master Practitioner Program. 

Highly acclaimed, gathering rave reviews from real people who don't want to become a (psycho)therapist but just want to learn properly how to get the best out of wonderful modern Energy EFT, if you are looking for a solid, fun packed, exciting, problem solving course in tapping EFT, this is the course for you.

This EFT Foundation course in four Units is available live or by distance learning. 

For further course details, reviews and availablility, please see EFT Foundation Training here. 

MODERN Energy Tapping Replaces Energy EFT

Important Notice: In 2018, Energy EFT was officially retired and replaced by Modern Energy Tapping, which uses energy tapping without the psychotherapy approach of tapping on negatives or having to delve into trauma. Start with Silvia Hartmann's book, Modern Energy Tapping and find practitioners and training courses at,




Modern Energy Tapping Book By Silvia Hartmann

Modern Energy Tapping: Engaging The Power Of The Positives For Health, Wealth & Happiness

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