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EFT Training: The New GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainings

EFT Training: The New GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainings

Available for the first time in November 2011, the new GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner certification trainings are the next level in what EFT originator Gary Craig described as a “healing highrise.”

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The New GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainings

Available for the first time in November 2011, the new GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner certification trainings are the next level in what EFT originator Gary Craig described as a “healing highrise.”

The core to what is in essence a paradigm shift lies in the understanding that EFT is not psychology, no more than it is physiology; EFT is a 3rd Field modality in the mind, body, spirit triad and currently the primary method for working directly with the human energy system.

By understanding that EFT doesn't work with problems, words, symptoms, memories, illnesses etc. etc. but instead with improving the flow of energy through the energy body, much more logical, clearly focused, specific and precise methods of applying EFT have come to light.

This brings about many benefits for practitioners in EFT as well as for self help treatments, and these include:

  • A clear and cohesive theory on how EFT works and how and why EFT is to be applied;
  • A tremendous reduction in client AND practitioner stress across the board, leading to:
  • More elegant, gentle and powerful EFT treatments;
  • Faster results by targetting EFT interventions more precisely;
  • Better and deeper rapport between EFT practitioner and client (the EFTeam);
  • Better experiences for both EFT practitioner and client across the board;
  • Alleviation of problems including set up confusion and the Apex effect;
  • A whole array of brand new techniques, methods and approaches to applying EFT.

The challenge for the professional EFT practitioner is and has always been that they can expect to encounter literally any type of problem a human being can have in their practice.

It is therefore structurally impossible to create “EFT scripts” for every conceivable potential problem, as would be the case in the “over 200 separately named phobias” as exists in psychology today.

Likewise, it is structurally impossible to teach students of EFT who wish to become confident and effective practitioners “scripts” for all the infinite potential problems a future client might bring to them.

It was therefore decided to focus on structure, rather than on content, and to make sure that students on the GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner training are proficient in the use of EFT as a structural tool to deal with energy system damage across the board.

There are certain global principles that apply to all energy work, regardless of how the presenting problem in the energy body has come into existence, which if understood, unlock the power of EFT to help people with their problems in a whole new way.

These global principles include amongst others:

The understanding how to conduct real energy work with a client which demands in the context of EFT that the client and practitioner work together as equals and without energetic shields and barriers which may be found in the common conduct of the other two fields;

  • The understanding that the effectiveness of the treatment is based on the performance of both practitioner AND client;
  • How to de-stress clients, teach clients about EFT and how to learn to “read clients” correctly;
  • How to interprete the client's appearance, state and words in order to formulate good set up statements in direct consultation with the client;
  • How to focus on energy body disturbances, and how to target highly specific and relevant set up statements for the EFT treatments;
  • How to understand the general treatment flow, the concept of energy body evolution and the healing events which are unique to energy work;
  • How to conduct a professional, caring relationship with a client from start to finish;
  • How to continue to improve the practitioner's skill, understanding and intuition with every client they experience;
  • And the relevancy of clients in the context of the practitioner's own personal evolution.

Taking this highly structural, essential content free approach will give the successful students exactly the tools they need to be able to confidently conduct excellent (masterful) EFT treatments regardless of the presenting problems.

By applying this highly structural and specific approach to ALL the examples and practice treatments throughout the course, the student learns the structure - and their clients will fill in the content.

This allows the successful student to be able to focus all their attention on the client, without being side tracked, disturbed, upset, stressed or worried trying to match this one client's symptoms and experiences to any other client, or any script.

In essence, the client will therefore experience a highly individual and personalised approach to their unique problems. Each client gains their own unique EFT script which they write together with the practitioner on this unique occasion - which is no less than any client deserves.

The practitioner is supported throughout their client treatments by the veracity of the structure, having understood how to do EFT well. This sets the practitioner free to really engage with the client in a stress free, very focused manner and to enjoy helping people feel better in a whole new way.

The most important advancement in the last 15 years is not the plethora of techniques and approaches which have come about.

The most important advancement which is reflected throughout this course is the understanding that we are working with energy.

As soon as this is understood and enacted, confusion recedes.

  • The practice of EFT comes down to removing blockages and injuries from the energy system, and improving the flow of energy in the client's body as best we can on all occasions and regardless of what the presenting problems might have labelled as in the past.

This simple principle is reflected in removing blockages from the EFT treatment flow and conducting sessions that are elegant, logical, stress free, focused correctly and therefore, very powerful.

The same simple principle is in action as blockages which disturb the relationship between client and practitioner are removed so that they may communicate powerfully and freely.

Finally, knowing that we are working with energy places the practitioner of EFT firmly into the 3rd Field in the mind, body, spirit triad.

This ends all manner of conflict and confusion; it ends competition with the other two fields, psychology and physiology respectively. It allows us to develop our own specific 3rd Field appropriate instruments, research directions, methods, techniques, conduct and methodology.

  • To understand that a professional EFT practitioner is in fact, an energist, helps the practitioner explain to themselves and others who they are, where they stand, what they do, and what services they can provide.

From this naturally flows a clear understanding of a ethical code of conduct for 3rd Field practitioners.

Energists are not miracle workers. They are not “alternative” but an integral and highly necessary part of providing services for the citizens of our societies which no-one else provides presently.

  • As such, modern EFT practitioners can clearly represent a new and additional view point to existing problems which have not been solved through the other two fields alone.

By taking their rightful place as the practitioners of the 3rd Field in the mind, body, spirit triad, EFT practitioners can go forward to define their place in the service of the community, which at this time includes educating their communities about their very existence in the first place.

Modern energy work is logical, specific, and when applied to the energy body, can bring about changes that have never been available before.

This is very exciting; and the new GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner certification is the first step towards the new generation of energists, who know exactly who they are, what services they provide and who are extremely proud to be amongst the first to put the long missing 3rd Field into its rightful place, as an ESSENTIAL service that needs to be provided for ALL human beings in the world today.

Silvia Hartmann

Chair, The Guild of Energists


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