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What Is The Difference Between Classic EFT, Energy EFT & Positive EFT?

What Is The Difference Between Classic EFT, Energy EFT & Positive EFT?

The differences between Classic EFT, Energy EFT and Positive EFT in a nutshell. 

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Recently I was asked "What is the difference between Energy EFT and Positive EFT?"

Well, the story goes like this.

Energy EFT has the positive side of the SUE Scale and Positive EFT is a part of Energy EFT - only, nobody was using it properly!

Classic EFT (Gary Craig EFT and its descendents) works with the SUD Scale to test emotional reactions, and that stops at Zero. All the positive emotions and of course, the EFT "miracle" healing events are found on the positive side, which is completely absent in Classic EFT. 

High positive emotional events have all kinds of powerful effects on a person, and they are needed to create real healing events. 

To this day, the vast majority of psychologists, energy psychologists and Classic EFT Tappers are completely unaware that high positive events, Guiding Stars, are formative in all manner of problems, especially addictions and relationships problems. The relentless search for "only trauma" to explain problems continues near enough unabated to this day. 

People were/are so totally stuck on the idea that you have to revisit every one of your life's traumas in order to make forward progress in life, they were entirely ignoring the powerful *healing* qualities of the positive range of emotions. 

Differences Between Energy EFT, Positive EFT and Classic EFT
So I wrote Positive EFT as a special training program in "the other side of the SUE Scale" as absolutely nobody had ever received any training in how to deal with positive emotions, how they work, what you do with them, or what effects they have.

Once we had Positive EFT, we noticed that it was much easier to get people interested in trying EFT by offering positive state changes from the now, rather than offering them to try going into a trauma.

This made it easy to demonstrate the power of EFT to feel much better, superfast, no matter where you started out - and without having to go into the past at all first.

We also noticed that the high positives are healing in and of themselves - they are the antidote or even anti-venom to much (if not potentially all!) traumas of the past.

We further found that we could expand concepts and expectations of what success, love, vitality, health could be - working with the positives produces major mind changes as a side effect. Very cool.

We also found that by asking the question, "What do you need to overcome this problem?" was a very motivational approach to problem solving, a wonderful change from having to ask all the time "Why do I have this problem? What trauma caused this problem?"

Turns out that there are many reasons for our problems, and trauma isn't always the answer.

We also found that using positives is inspirational, motivational, fast, and very evolutionary when used in day to day self help, rather than having to psychotherapise oneself every time negative emotions occur.

Me, I look upon Positive EFT primarily as a research tool into that totally undiscovered country of positive emotions and the amazing things we can learn about healing and forward movement by engaging the power of positive emotions directly and with volition.

So, to sum up and in brief - Positive EFT is a part of Energy EFT, but it really needed to be highlighted as a separate training program to stop people just blindly running into the past and past trauma as the panacea to fix their lives.

Which it so, so isn't ...


Silvia Hartmann is the Chair of The GoE and developer and primary designer of Energy EFTPositive EFT, Modern Stress Management, Project Sanctuary and EMO Energy In Motion.

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