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9 Gamut Treatment (9 Gamut Procedure)

9 Gamut Treatment (9 Gamut Procedure)

In the Classic EFT protocol, the 9 Gamut treatment is the middle part of the EFT Sandwich which consists of one round of Classic EFT, the 9 Gamut Treatment, and then another round of Classic EFT.

Also known as the 9 Gamut Procedure or 9 Gamut EFT Point Treatment.

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The 9 Gamut

This is the middle part in what is sometimes called the EFT sandwich:

Following tapping all the points about 7 times from the top of the eyebrow to the karate chop point, you tap continuously on the Gamut point, and then do the following:

  • move your eyes from the floor to the ceiling without moving your head and back again.
  • move your eyes from left to right and back again
  • move your eyes in a big circle and back again
  • hum - Happy Birthday To You (or another tune or just a scale) for about one bar;
  • count - one two three four five
  • hum again

Take a deep breath in and out.

As you do these (at first slightly unusual) things, repeat the statement in between as best you can to keep yourself focussed on the problem in hand.

The eye movements are linked to various brain functions and the reason for the humming-counting-humming manoeuvre is to switch between hemispheres quite quickly; both are designed to "wake up" your neurology so the tapping can go to work on the problem.

The 9 Gamut Point can be found just behind the knuckles of the little finger and ring finger on either hand.

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The 9 Gamut treatment belongs to Classic EFT and has been omitted in Energy EFT. For more details please refer to

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