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Adrenaline, Fear & EFT

THINKING about something scary or even vaguely scary causes immediately and directly and very realistically, ADRENALINE to be released into the systems.

By using EFT to reduce the build up of adrenaline and stopping the daily adrenaline shocks, we can transform our experience of life.

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Adrenaline, Fear & EFT

Stopping The Daily Adrenaline Shocks

by Silvia Hartmann


Here is something extremely important to consider about ALL human behaviour and health.

People can do something with their consciousness that animals can't.

They can CAUSE physiological changes IN THEMSELVES by THINKING.

This is outside of direct environmental stimuli and of inordinate importance.

THINKING about something scary or even vaguely scary causes immediately and directly and very realistically, ADRENALINE to be released into the systems.

Now, adrenaline is a hormone and it causes, amongst other things:

Changes in breathing;
changes in digestion;
changes in blood sugar levels;
changes in the heart rate;
changes in ALL the other hormones and their effects.

All of these things CHANGE STATE DRAMATICALLY and in that changed state, other thoughts and behaviours arise in turn.

As NONE OF THIS has anything whatsoever to do with any REAL REALITY OF THE REAL ACTUALLY HAPPENING ENVIRONMENT, it is very difficult if not impossible to activate a sequence of thought and behaviour which would be designed to IMMEDIATELY DISPERSE the adrenaline - so it isn't dispersed and indeed, it builds up.

And up.

And up.

All the while, disrupting physiological function, and of course, causing further disruptive and disrupted thought, which leads to inadequate decisions which are ALSO not in keeping with the actual environmental realities at that time.

At the best, folk find strategies to keep it on some sort of functional level, at the usual, they will need eventually to re-set this system through a chaotic threshold breach - anger tantrum, panic attack, hysterics and tears, headache and migraine, or withdrawal into autistic states or prolonged depressions.

Amongst the strategies to decrease this build up of adrenaline are of course exercise, but also EATING because insulin has a lot to do with re-balancing the system, so from this one single cause of over-production of adrenaline, you get a whole range of human misfunctionings, from eating disorders to all kinds of addictions.

The only way to stop this and get out of it is to PREVENT THE ADRENALINE FEAR RESPONSE from happening.

People spend a lifetime trying to create environments for themselves that will prevent fear bursts and keep them at the minimum. Creating rituals and routines, doing only predictable things, installing large iron gates in front of their houses and putting up with a hell of a lot of misery in order to avoid things they're even more afraid of are just the tips of the many icebergs.

The only thing I have found which can break that vicious cycle is working through the energy body and the physiology.

The lower level adrenaline shocks which occur for example, when someone watches the news and sees the latest TERROR ALERT are OUTSIDE of CONSCIOUS AWARENESS because there's so many of them, all the time.

They are the building blocks of that overproduction of adrenaline, and to become aware of when they happen THROUGH THE PHYSIOLOGY and by paying attention to this, the build up can be stopped there and then, and this produces an immense increase in clarity of thought and well being of body.

In other words, it is not just possibly life- and incarnation saving, but also PRACTICAL and PLEASANT.

Further, to become aware of the lower level fear responses to every day occurrences which trigger THOUGHT which triggers the adrenaline release is far more useful than to deal with huge big fears or existential fears. By reducing the amount of adrenaline at the baseline the body has to cope with, the scale becomes bigger - there is more scope then for encountering REAL environmental threats such as lions, people with guns, or bailifs without it turning into a total catastrophy or breakdown, freakout, fallback into depression or addiction, panic attack, temper tantrum or whatever an individual is using as the "restart" button for their overloading systems.

These lower level, every day fear responses can be treated with:

- Changing tack on the thought. At the lower level responses, this still works and there is still some control over what is being thought. This control is lost when the system starts running out of control but with the little "adrenaline hits" it can still be consciously redirected, by thinking for example, "No, I am focussing on something positive instead - the sky is blue today."

- Energy approaches. EFT is particularly useful there even for total beginners - a few taps under the eye which serves both as an energy balancing AND as a pattern interrupt can produce a real feeling of release and the "sigh of relief" as the shallow breathing emergency pattern is replaced by ordinary breathing.

Here are some ideas for very common adrenaline triggers in the daily environment of a Westerner:

Food. Sugar kills you, fat kills you, artificial chemicals cause cancer, everything's irradiated these days ... Find ONE thing a human can eat that is NOT covered in all sorts of post hypnotic suggestions about their dangers these days. Being afraid of one's food is EXTREMELY dangerous, neurosomatically speaking here, for long term health and well being.

This extends to all forms of ingestions and even breathing. "I'm not afraid of my food," - "I am NOT afraid of this substance," - "I am NOT afraid of this city air ..." with EFT, or EMO, or even as a start up affirmation will help.

Money. Spiritual advice holds that you can only "control that which you love". Conversely, that which you FEAR will be controlling YOU. Like with the food, for anyone who wants to get really in charge of money and have it be THEIR slave than the other way around, "I am NOT afraid of money" would be a very, very good thing to be working with - and that goes for bills, purchases, decisions about, future plans and goals and all and everything connected to this topic.

People. The same that applies for food and money applies to people. All people. Family, friends, strangers, lovers, enemies, it matters not. Being afraid of them doesn't help anyone and as there are so many of them and contact is as unavoidable as is breathing and eating, it's best NOT to fear them (hating them is fearing them also!). "I am NOT afraid of people." A true killer opening statement that will unlock so much ...

This topic arose in the first place because I noted that I had bad physiological and psychological symptoms caused directly by adrenaline states - I called it, "Being allergic to my own adrenaline" because it resulted in allergy like symptoms of migraines and if it went on for long enough, breakdown in the immune system and the requisite symptoms such as skin rashes and flu like symptoms.

So treating "this adrenaline allergy" opened the door to this whole pattern, and that is something useful to do for anyone who has symptoms relating to this; but we can go one step further and treat one more major fear which is ...

My Body. "I am NOT afraid of my body." Possibly the most powerfully healing and re-aligning opening statement/affirmation/work statement of them all, this covers quite a bit and is well worth doing.

In Conclusion

I would suggest that if one was to treat just FEAR responses, and nothing else, for about a month or so, the world would become a very different place. It isn't difficult at all and a heightened awareness of one's own PHYSIOLOGICAL responses (such as shallow breathing, sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach, throat constricting, sweating and trembling, recoil etc) is not just useful, but the EXACT feedback mechanisms to let us know there's something unhealthy going on. Ignoring or disregarding these things is extremely counter productive, not just to physical health, but also to CLARITY OF THOUGHT and being able to RESPOND TO THE REAL ENVIRONMENT correctly and congruently.

With the energy approaches in particular, it leads directly to being able to experience THE SAME THINGS which USED TO CAUSE adrenaline shocks and spikes and they're simply no longer there at all, and the clarity of sensation and thought is not disrupted by the previous thought or trigger and thought at all any longer.

That's a very powerful thing for personal growth and I recommend it highly.

Silvia Hartmann


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