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From Borrowing Benefits To Full Engagement With Energy EFT

From Borrowing Benefits To Full Engagement With Energy EFT

"Borrowing Benefits" is a term from Classic EFT - if one or a group "tap along" with an individual, they benefit. Go beyond "borrowing" benefits with Energy EFT.

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From Borrowing Benefits To Full Engagement

Personal Evolution With Energy EFT

"Borrowing Benefits" is a term from Classic EFT when it was noticed that if one or a group of people "tap along" with an individual, they will also derive benefits from this activity. This happens even if the topic is nothing to do with them or they don't have the same problem as the person who is tapping.

In Energy EFT, we think differently and the case of "borrowing benefits" highlights this difference.

When one engages in EFT energy work with another person, it is of the essence to tap at the same time and on the same topic together with that person.

This is not "tapping along" with this person; it is proper tapping at the same time for oneself.

In the old medical model and the old psychology models, the doctor or therapist is SEPARATE and DETACHED from the client, and operates on the client, while they themselves stay entirely unchanged by the process. This thinking has been inherited by "energy psychology" which is still trying to do psychology, with energy thrown into the mix, but actual proper energy work doesn't work like this.

Here, both the practitioner and the client are equals, and they work together to solve a problem.

They form essentially a couple bubble - they connect up their energy systems so the two become more than the sum of their parts and when they do EFT together, they tap together and both will change as a matter of fact.

Indeed, from the practitioner's point of view, it is the opportunity of change and evolution for their own energy system which is the primary driver to be working with a client in the first place, rather than choosing self help for evolution at this time.

Energy EFT for two is not only about the client, it is about the client and the practitioner in equal measure.

Both engage, both benefit, and the more they engage, the more they benefit.

The same process is in action when a trainer leads a group - the trainer is not separate from the group, nor is any individual within that group separate from the group or the trainer. All together, these individuals form a group bubble and here again, everyone has the opportunity to evolve and to change when all tap together.

An EFT energist therefore doesn't "tap along" - they just tap and make that process their own just as much as it is the process of another person, or that of many in a group.

The benefits any individual gains from this, what we would call evolution, personal development, growth and wisdom, are not borrowed, they don't have to be given back or do not in some way "don't belong to them" - they are absolutely personal and owned by the individual who is engaging in the process.

It is THEIR change.

The notion that a practitioner or a trainer remains unchanged whilst their charges experience enlightenment events is, to an energist, quite preposterous.

What gets in the way of practitioners and trainers taking full advantage from their end of the situation is that entrained idea that "we are here only to serve the client/s."

We are not.

We are here to serve our own soul's paths in absolute preference and as the highest priority; indeed, we (practitioners and trainers) wouldn't even be here and do what we do, if that wasn't the case.

We need our clients to evolve!

We get to evolve by engaging fully, by stepping into the process fully and expecting to be changed by it.

We should hope and pray that we will be changed by it.

This is why we are here, and this is why we are doing what we are doing in the first place.

The case of the mysterious "borrowing benefits" in EFT makes it clear why being an energist is so fundamentally different, and why embracing the energy paradigm is a paradigm shift absolutely.

Energy work doesn't work if you put shields and barriers in the way.

Creating a hierarchical power threshold between yourself, and your clients and your groups, by trying to stay detached and working "on" the participants, robs you of your own evolution.

Engaging and "tapping for your life" in EFT, each and every time such an opportunity is offered, on the other hand, creates astonishing change as the members of a group bubble, or the two in a couple bubble, get that threshold shift together, at the same time - it becomes way more than just the sum of the parts.

I would like to add that this additional power which the group- and couple bubbles provide is exactly what is needed to shift any individual in a way that self help simply cannot achieve.

This simple notion has many repercussions.

Evolution is life long and ongoing, and once a person has a taste for it, simply nothing else will do.

We are then not seeking to join with another (going to see a practitioner) or seeking to join a group "because we have this terrible problem that needs fixing."

Instead, we are going to start looking actively for groups and individuals who we want to use for our personal evolution - both as a "client" and "participant" but exactly the same as a "practitioner" and "trainer."

With the confusion out of the way, and a clear understanding that ALL INDIVIDUALS NEED TO EVOLVE and this is what they are actually seeking, we can come to a far more simple and honest relationship between all concerned.

As practitioners and trainers, we can focus our marketing endeavours towards those groups of people who will help us most in our personal evolution and "find the right people" at last.

As clients and participants, we can ask the same question as we make our choice of trainers and practitioners - and also finally "find the right people."

Lastly, I would like to make the comment that this is a totally different way to understand the processes of "healing and personal development."

In modern energism, the outcome is not "the healed person who never needs to see a shrink ever again and lives happily ever after."

The mystical "fixed human."

Who doesn't actually exist at all - and thus, folk can chase after this illusionary construct a whole life long and never ever find it.

There is no such thing as a "fixed person."

There are only individuals who can evolve further, learn more, become more powerful, wiser, more experienced with their personal power and better equipped to access high and higher energy states.

It's a journey and we can help each other on this journey, or better put, we can use each other on this journey.

We need to make use of each other.

We need to get over this idea that we are so separate and can live life "alone" and that this is somehow desirable.

Evolving with and through other human beings unlocks that vast potential we can't reach in self help and by our lonesome selves.

And when we fully engage in modern energy work, such as tapping EFT together, with the absolute will and desire for PERSONAL evolution, then we can go places where no-one has gone before.




Silvia Hartmann

Author, Energy EFT

November 2015


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