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Color EFT: Tickle Me Pink!

Color EFT: Tickle Me Pink!

There are many wonderful, energizing and de-stressing things that can be done with Energy EFT. This includes Color EFT - a great way to boost the energy system, to make people feel better and to put a smile on your face. Works great with kids, too.

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People will talk of "feeling blue" and that's a description of the state of their energy system. With modern Energy EFT, we can use the energy of colors to feel differently and also to provide the energy system with a bost of "energy vitamins" that may be in short supply.


Color EFT Rainbowline


There are many ways in which we can use Color EFT. We can start by asking, what's the predominant color of your energy system at the moment? Do you feel a little pale, a little grey? Or too hot orange, too much in the red? Are you blue? Green with envy? In a state of black depression?

It doesn't matter if you can't answer that question; a more important question is, "What color would really cheer you up right now?"

If there was a buffet of all the colors in the rainbow in front of you, which one would you like? Which one draws your attention towards it? Which one do you *yearn* for? What are your "true colors"?

Pick a color from the rainbow.

Now tap a mindful round of Energy EFT whilst focusing on that color.

A tip: If you're not the greater visualiser at this moment, don't worry. Look around your environment and see if you can find the color you'll be tapping on. Even a small spot of it on the back of a book, on your computer screen or outside the window is fine to look at while you tap and say the name of the color.

Tap mindfully as always; switch on your energy hands so you can feel "the power tingling in your fingertips"; breathe deeply on each point and say the name of the color slowly and meaningfully.

At the end of the round, use the SUE scale to find out how energized you've become and how you feel now.

Now, you get to pick another color. This can be the same one again to get more of that into your system still, or another color which will lift you even higher.

Tap that color; and then continue to choose new colors until you are absolutely delighted and shining inside and out.

There are lots and lots of ways to use this basic pattern.

You can use it to give yourself or your clients or your family a boost of energy at any time; you can use it for powerful de-stressing and re-energizing anywhere; and you can use Color EFT as a way to solve energy problems on a different level.

For example, instead of trying to work out consciously what you have to do to get more inspiration or energy or ideas for a problem, you can ask, "What color can help me here?"

Tap Energy EFT on the color you need which changes how you feel, and that in turn changes how you think and will give you completely different points of view on the problem that was.

Also think of the colors as a form of essential vitamins for your energy immune system. You can ask, "What color would make me feel stronger? Healthier? Would help me heal quicker? Will help me heal? Will lift me right now? Will protect me from (x)?"

Using colors is an easy, intuitive and very powerful way to give our energy systems more of what they need without having to be any kind of energy expert.

It is also fun to do and even young children can take part and choose their own colors.

Try it for yourself right now.

Which color is your energy system "hungry" for at this moment?

Which color would you love to "suck into" your energy system, right now?

Which color would make you feel better, more loved, more delighted, more empowered, more inspired?

Look around your environment and find a color that draws your attention.

Now keep focused on that color, go into the Heart Healing position, start breathing it in with the three deep breaths and then start to tap all the points.

Enjoy and pass on "the gift of the colors" to your EFT friends, practice groups, and family.

Best wishes,

Silvia Hartmann

Author, Energy EFT


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