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Confused About EFT, Tapping Points & Negative Affirmations

Confused About EFT, Tapping Points & Negative Affirmations

A wrote: I first learned about EFT when I bought a reprinted copy of Dr. Roger Callaghan's book "How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking and Other Phobias" way back mid-90's. I lost the book before I could really give it a serious try and have forgotten about it until late last year.I borrowed some books and went to, but instead of being enlightened, I was actually confused. I am even scared to practice EFT.

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First, almost every practioner has his/her own way of doing it. A few start at the sore spots while almost all start at the karate chop point.  Some tap on the head in the beginning, some in the end, and others do away with it, Some added features like the 9 gamut procedure while others added more tapping points like liver point, wrist, etc. That got me confused.

Second, all motivational gurus from A(nthony Robbins) to Z(ig Ziglar) advocate being positive, in thoughts, words, and action. I'm surprised that except for the set-up, EFT basically uses negative statments. I figured that when dealing with the subconscious you use positive and with  blocked energy energy you use negative. But then again, I found out some practitioners use positive affirmations while tapping One book even suggest using both. Now I am even more confused.

I really want to EFT now but my confusions are holding me back. Please help me clear them .

1. Are there specific points and sequence in using the EFT? What are they?
2. Do we use  only negative statement when tapping? Does positive affirmation have a place in EFT?

Thank you very much,

United States

Dear A,

the original or Classic EFT protocol is as follows:

From there, individual users go and make changes they find to be helpful. Such as my Heart & Soul Protocol which puts a beginning and an ending to the EFT protocol and uses a few extra points.

The reason for speaking the truth about a problem rather than to make a positive affirmation is the same as when you go to the doctor and he asks, "So what's the problem?"

It does no good to say, "Every day in every way I'm healthier and healthier!" when in fact the problem is that you have a headache.

EFT works by unblocking blockages in the energy flow through major body meridians. These blockages manifest in emotional pain and disturbances, which have their corresponding linguistic expression/linguistic markers. By using the markers, you get to the problem.

At the end of the treatment round, the linguistic expression is re-visited and one might ask, "How true is this now on a scale of 10-1?" to ascertain if further treatments are required.

EFT is simple and it doesn't hurt. And if you want to, you can tap positive statements to get you started.

The main goal is when working in EFT in self help to *learn* how tapping affects you, what it feels like when energy flow improves in your body, to start thinking about good opening statements, to practice EFT on emotional disturbances and stress as and when it happens, and thus to learn something about ourselves.

I recommend you download the free intro from Adventures in EFT from which has been used by many tens of thousands worldwide by now and just get started. It's fascinating and very helpful.

Wishing you all the best,


Silvia Hartmann
Author, Adventures In EFT

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