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Dark Core - EFT For Humanity

Dark Core - EFT For Humanity

Now this person has always had very low self esteem, as they say; and even in spite of many, MANY years in personal development, and even though there was some small improvement, they talked of there being "this dark core, this real darkness, that I can never seem to shake off".

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If you know me at all, you can imagine my ears lifting and the tip of my tail beginning to twitch when I heard those words.

I asked if they'd ever tapped on "this dark core, this real darkness"?

"No, of course not!" the person exclaimed, "That would be too horrendous! I couldn't bear to stand what I might find!"

Normally, one would now go ahead and tap on this first, to release some of the fear of "this dark core, this real darkness" until a person was ready to go for that as an opening statement and take it on directly.

As the person wasn't a paying EFT client or EFT student, I went with what I do instead and started to talk about some things, and to make the story succinct, "this dark core, this real darkness" turned out to be that the person was a HUMAN BEING.

A member of the human race.

You know, humans? Those guys who have members who abuse children, beat little seal puppies to death, crucify each other in the most horrendous fashion, incarcerate each other in concentration camps, burn each other on campfires, drop nuclear devices on a city full of civilians, brutally  and selfishly pillage the Earth of all its resources, sanctity and beauty, and generally cheat, steal, murder, rape, torture and defile whatever they touch, whatever they come contact with?




"This dark core, this real darkness" of actually being - a human being.

I said to the person on the phone, "You know, we all have that. Any and every one of us who sometimes thinks, and sometimes feels, and sometimes watches the news, or what goes on in their very own communities, we all have that.

"That guilt and shame and horror and whatever you could possibly call that when you see NOT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE WRONG, but what OTHER PEOPLE HAVE DONE WRONG - but by definition, you're one of them.

"One of us."

I think this problem with humanity and being human is a lot more widespread than one might think; and individuals find their own ways to try and combat ASPECTS of this overwhelming guilt, of this overwhelming responsibility in different ways.

Some try to save the whales, and some try to stamp out pedophiles. Some protest wars, and some advocate them. Some try it with a legal document in their hand, and some hold a bomb instead. There are many ways in which people are sincerely trying "to make the world a better place" and as there's nothing wrong with THE world whatsoever, it surely must mean making human kind a better kind, a kinder kind perhaps, a club to which one may belong and not experience "this dark core, this real darkness" when one becomes witness to the member's doings.

I said to the person, as I'm saying it now to you, and to me as well, "Look. The acts of humanity, horrendous as they may be, are nothing more than the tantrums of children who don't know what they're doing.

"For all the incredible horrors people have perpetrated, and will continue to perpetrate for many years to come, I believe absolutely that the core of humanity, the defining quality of humanity, is not evil.

"It is NOT "this dark core, this real darkness" - in the contrary, I believe it is the opposite, namely a real light.

"I believe that people act the way they do because they have, in their confusion and unknowingness, created punishing circumstances and systems for themselves which have driven them crazy.

"They can NOT be held responsible on that level for their actions, no more so than you can hold a serial killer responsible who himself was the victim of immeasurable abuse in their formative years.

"Practically, we do take people to court and we execute them, but spiritually speaking, this is confusion and madness we're dealing with, NOT EVIL.

"I think that what you'll find in "this dark core, this real darkness" is sadness, not some kind of extraterrestrial demon horde.

"Do you want to try tapping on that?"

The person did, and I know they will feel not just better for it, but it'll make a difference.

This has left me wondering how many people have something similar going on, not allowing themselves to experience the true joy and wonderment of this life because simply, as a human being, they thought they didn't deserve it.

For people who are really serious about personal development and becoming, not an angel!, but "the best human being they can", it might be well worth it to have a session on the topic of what it means to be a member of the human race, and how you feel about that.


Oct. 12, 2008

Silvia Hartmann

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