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EFT 4 Energists

by Silvia Hartmann

EFT 4 Energists

Are you involved with modern energy work such as EFT or EmoTrance? Do you love it? And do you feel a little bit uncomfortable to tell everyone about it because you're afraid people will call you a fool, unscientific, or laugh at you? If so, welcome to the club! We all have acquired energy reversals about talking freely about energy!

So if you're a little nervous about holding out your hand to the world and saying, "Good morning! My name is Silvia - and I'm an energist!" join the GOE conference delegates for a group EFT session right now.


Tap EFT along with the GOE conference delegates and come out of that energy closet :-)

10min excerpt from the 60m keynote presentation GOE Nov. 2011

Highlights from the presentation here: The Third Field - The Future of Energy

What is an energist?

Posted Nov 21, 2011 by Silvia Hartmann   



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