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EFT & Feeling Poor 2004

EFT & Feeling Poor 2004

I just came across this article, originally written for the StarFields group, from 2004.

It contains a very interesting EFT pattern that can be used with all manner of unrealistic "feelings" and the example is that of "feeling poor".

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The following conversation took place this morning in my house. 

Young son: "Let's go out for breakfast." 

Silvia <wails aloud>: "But I have no cash in my purse! We have no money!" 

Young son <irritated>: "Oh for the love of God! You've got at least a tenner in coins and I saw a fiver over there just now. Breakfast costs never more than a tenner. Why oh why are you whining again? You're always doing that!" 

Silvia <wails still>: "But I have no money!" 

Young son <exasperated>: "I have JUST TOLD YOU YOU HAVE £15! What is wrong with you???" 

Silvia <helplessly but starting to wake up slowly>: "Then WHY do I always FEEL as though I didn't have any?" 

At this point, I came back from that particular Snake Town and thought, that is one GOOD format for EFT opening statements. 

Why do I FEEL as though I didn't have any money? 

You can easily extrapolate that out to other things: 

Why do I FEEL as though nobody loves me? 

Why do I FEEL that I am useless? 

Why do I FEEL that I can't sing? 

Why do I FEEL that I'm ugly? 

... and so on and on. 

The scary thing is that I'm totally aware of the following axiom: 

"But what of the man who fears his thirst when his well is full? Is his thirst not UNQUENCHABLE?"  Khalil Gibran

I cite this often because it is a crucial problem. 

I'm wailing that I have no money when in fact I do. I have many, MANY times more than what was needed for that ten quid breakfast. In cash, in credit, in money owed, in the bank, in tradeable commodities, in every way conceivable. 

But on this occasion ****I ABSOLUTELY FELT THAT I DID NOT****. 

And it is important to note that this is a FEELING, not a thought or an idea but a SENSATION. Which is why it is impervious to therapy-talk, common sense, logic, counter examples, and worst of all of course, REALITY. 

See if I can't stop FEELING POOR, I can't possibly ever have enough money. Not billions upon billions will ever resolve the problem, alleviate the feeling, soothe the anxiety. 

That's the "fearing the thirst when the well is full" problem and a superb example of the map and the territory having diverged wildly. 

So I said to young son: "You are absolutely right. I feel poor even when I have all the money in the world. Something has to be done about it. I shall go upstairs and tap a round of EFT for this." 

And proceded to do just that. 

Opening statement: "I feel poor." 

In German and in English. 

Letting it evolve as it wanted to through the round. A bit of EMO here and there as required. 

Very nice, very simple, all in all plus reflection about ten minutes max. 

It is a very strange thing to reflect that I've never spotted that pattern of "feeling VS thinking" before nor really came across the simplicity of this before. 

It was touched on of course in the EFT body protocol, but that is other than because it goes to shifting unusual and obvious things that one knows are the problem. 

With these "faulty feelings" that don't match reality, I am guessing that one is just so used to feeling like that ALL THE TIME, one doesn't know it's a problem or thinks its the normal way of being, the normal ways of the world or something. Fish and water and all of that. 

Simple as this is, it might just be the key to a whole load of things that were "unquencheable" before. 

As a note in passing, we bought the breakfast and I was charged £15.23 for it. This was considerably more than the expected £10 but I found that I had enough cash in my purse to deal with the demand and paid it. 

A little while later, the lady came back, apologised to me for having made a mistake and gave me a fiver back. 

Go figure ...

Silvia Hartmann

First published to The StarFields Group 2004





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