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EFT Case Story: Pain In The Neck

EFT Case Story: Pain In The Neck

A 40 year old lady with a chronic neck pain -10 SUE scale. She reported that she has a lot of frustration because she could not get rid of the pain even using medication.

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First round of tapping with the word “stress,” a second with “remaining stress” and she reported feeling better with the pain -9 SUE scale. We said “This horrible pain just does not go away." We tapped on “this horrible pain” and there was no change.

I asked her “How does it feel exactly?” and she said “Like I have a heavy load on top of my shoulders, because the pain is not only on my neck but my shoulders too. They are hard.”

We tap “This heavy load on my shoulders” and the pain went down to -5. We did another round of tapping with “the remaining load” and there was no change again.

I asked again “How does it feel now?” Her answered was “I am not sure, there is something still there.”

So I said “Who are you carrying on your back?”

She laughed and responded “You know! We have been working before with some issues with her ex-husband.

We did the set up “I am still carrying part of my ex-husband on my shoulders and neck” and used “part of my ex” and the pain went to 0.

She said “I can’t believe he is gone!” She checked her shoulders and neck and said “I still can’t believe it, I can’t find the knots on my neck and shoulders. I feel free!”

We tap “I feel free” and then “I am free” which it took her to +5 on the SUE scale.

We tap again “I can move easily” and then “I am happily free” with +9 on the SUE scale.

I gave her homework to tap daily “I am happy” “I am free” and any other phrase she felt good about.

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