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EFT For Pain After Cancer Surgery

EFT For Pain After Cancer Surgery

EFT does not cure cancer; but EFT can help cancer patients in so many different ways to feel better, feel stronger and have a different experience altogether as they move through the various phases of their treatments.

This important EFT case story by Denise Jacques shows that EFT practitioners need not be afraid of working with cancer patients and that wonderful, positive, beneficial results occur when we address the energy system with EFT.

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EFT For Pain After Cancer Operation

by Denise Jacques

Joseph came to me to see if EFT could help with debilitating on-going pain and discomfort from major surgery for cancer 4 months ago. He had since discovered that he had developed secondary tumours in his liver.

Joseph is a regular client of mine; finds EFT very helpful but has not yet worked on physical pain with me. Joseph was in his late 50s and had never experienced anything but minor health problems prior to his becoming jaundiced 5 months ago. Although he had dealt with the entire situation extremely well, it was a shocking experience for him and he was currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Prior to this session I had explained about how the energy body can react to the shock of a life threatening illness and major surgery and although his pain was undoubtedly physical from a still healing large scar stretching across his stomach, it was very likely that there was a psychosomatic pain component, that based on how well Joseph worked with energy, he should be able to free up and flow away. This in turn could well work to reduce the level of his pain. He was very keen to give it a try.

To get Joseph started we did an initial round to ‘relax’ to allow him to loosen up. We then used the SUE scale to gauge the extent of the pain and its effect on him and on a scale of between -10 to +10 it was – 5. I asked Joseph how he would describe his pain and we used his words of ‘this very uncomfortable pain in my stomach area’ to start a round.

After this round I asked Joseph if his experience of the pain had changed and he said because of the tumours in his liver in around about the same area, he was a little bit worried if the pain was just about the scar healing. I let Joseph know that it was extremely positive that he was acknowledging this very important aspect of how he felt about the pain and we tapped a second round to ‘this pain is tight, on-going and worrying’. Joseph yawned constantly during the round and I felt a strong sense of something releasing; afterwards in assessing his pain, he discovered that he no longer felt worried that the pain was anything other than his scar. He found it amazing that he could get rid of his worry so completely in only one round of tapping and we tapped a further round to ‘this pain is tight and ongoing’.

Joseph said his stomach felt more comfortable and his SUE scale had reduced to zero which was extremely positive.

We then focussed on allowing Joseph’s energy to flow more strongly and revitalise his body. We tapped 2 rounds to ‘my pain is flowing out’ followed by ‘my pain has now all gone’ and Joseph was very pleased to note that it had become easier to breathe in and his scar area felt less tight. I explained about the freedom spell technique and Joseph chose the wording ‘all of my residual pain I let you go, soften and flow, soften and flow’

Re-assessing after this round and checking his body, Joseph said he now felt as if he wanted to let tension and fear go. He said he didn’t like to acknowledge fear about his cancer but of course it was there and he would like to flow it out. I explained how positive this was because to get rid of unwanted emotions, we need to acknowledge them and it would be difficult to conceive how Joseph could not feel a very natural fear.

During this round Joseph began yawning and sneezing as did I and again, something felt as it had lifted. Joseph’s face and posture had relaxed and he began to smile. We then focussed on flowing healing energy and did a round to ‘the golden light of healing is flowing in health and happiness’. We both sensed the golden light flowing through our body and it was a lovely experience. We followed this by drinking water which helps energy to move and tapping to ‘the magical elixir of healing is flowing through my body’.

Joseph’s face had really lifted and he said he not only definitely felt a lot less pain but he felt lighter and more optimistic about the future. His final SUE score was +5 which was extremely positive and we arranged a further appointment to continue to work on his pain and see if we could get his energy flowing even more strongly. Joseph also very much liked the idea of working to strengthen his immune system and belief about his ability to make a full recovery; He was aware that even the most orthodox doctors recognised the benefits of positive thinking.

Joseph exercised as much as he could which was very positive and I advised he also seek advice about his diet and supplements he could safely use with chemotherapy along with drinking plenty of water to help detoxify his system and help his energy to move.

Before Joseph left, we discussed some relaxation and pain reducing techniques he could use on a regular basis each day and I gave him a diary sheet to record his experiences. On checking with Joseph the next day, he informed that he had been able to do without any medication for his pain until going to bed and his pain remained feeling easier.

2nd EFT Session

We began Joseph’s second appointment by discussing his progress with the exercises and he said he had experienced some pain reduction for a time after his tapping which he felt positive about. When he tested his SUE score for his current level of pain, it was -3; less than at our last appointment.

We tapped a preliminary round to ‘my pain’ and I then asked Joseph what he wanted to say to his pain. He thought and came up with ‘my pain and the causes of it; please go away’. We tapped a round to this with a reminder of ‘please go away’. I checked afterwards and Joseph said he was feeling quite tingly and relaxed and my legs and feet were tingling strongly.

I then asked Joseph to describe his pain and he replied that it was ‘tight and uncomfortable and sometimes sharp’. I encouraged Joseph to be a little more specific about the sharp aspect and he said that his pain was ‘sharp like a pointed stick’. I felt this was very significant: I experienced a sensation quite strongly as if I was being prodded by a sharp stick in my abdominal area and I felt a rush of ‘energy empathy’ for his pain. This was in no way alarming rather I was even more motivated to help Joseph flow this facet of his pain out of his energy system. I was reminded of a client whose most significant blockages took the form of a stick. It was always about the feeling he had done something wrong and would be berated. I noted to myself this was an avenue that could well benefit from pursuing at some future date.

I discussed with Joseph that he did not have to settle for that sharp stick but could choose to replace it with something nicer. He said he would rather his abdominal area felt warm, soft and comfortable. In response to my asking him: ‘warm soft and comfortable like what?’ Joseph replied ‘like a quilt’. Assuring Joseph how well he was doing, we tapped a round to ‘my scar area is warm, soft and comfortable like a quilt’ I then asked him to place his energy healing hands on his scar area and visualise a soft, comfortable quilt there and underneath that quilt, flowing the pain out. When it had flowed out of the soles of his feet (and mine) and Joseph was on the point of falling asleep, we moved to the heart and then tapped a round to ‘underneath this quilt, my pain is flowing away’.

At this point we were both experiencing pulsating energy and all strain lines had disappeared from Joseph’s face. We tapped a further round to ‘underneath this quilt I am safe and warm; my pain and cancer have all gone and I am now reborn’. I asked Joseph how he felt and he said he felt a great deal better as it happened; he was tingling all over and his pain had gone completely. My own energy was tingling strongly and when Joseph took his SUE score, it went off the scale past 10+. He tried this again with the same effect and was convinced.

I stressed to Joseph how amazingly well he had done in a short space of time; I had been prepared for an extended session. When I asked what he would do when the pain came back he replied ‘I’ll summon up my quilt’. On discussion, Joseph’s quilt was green, like the one on his bed which he shared with his partner and he said he loved the idea of feeling safe and warm which he always did there.

In discussing some strategies for him to use at home, we agreed that Joseph should do some heart healing and tap a round, morning and night when he was actually under his quilt to ‘Underneath this quilt, I am safe and warm; so very safe and warm. My pain and cancer have all gone and I am now reborn’. At other times, he should summon up his energy quilt and do any variation on above. I had given him a SUE chart so he could test his scores and I encouraged him to try to keep going until he had reached +10.

We agreed I would ring to check how he was doing before our next appointment or he could ring me if needed. Before he left, I thanked Joseph for being such an inspiring member of our EFT team and allowing me to share such a wonderful, positive experience. My energy remained high for quite some time.


Denise Jacques 16/04/12


* This is an EFT case story from an exercise for the EFT Master Practitioner Distance Learning Program which works with Energy EFT.

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