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EFT FreeFlow

EFT FreeFlow

EFT FreeFlow is a protocol for advanced EFT users to evolve non-specific opening statements in real time towards a threshold shift in a single session.

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EFT FreeFlow

Unlike in a classic EFT treatment, where a single opening statement or set up with a reminder phrase is tapped throughout the sequence, EFT FreeFlow allows the opening statement to evolve as we move from point to point, creating a flowing - a free flowing! - exploration and evolution as we follow with the changes in the energy system in real time.

Based on the mindful Slow EFT protocol, the EFT FreeFlow session starts with one set up or opening statement.

Unlike the classic protocols, this set up or opening statement does NOT have to be very specific; in EFT FreeFlow you can start with any idea, feeling, or even vague description such as, "Nobody loves me ..."

This vague set up will evolve in the right direction throughout the rounds.

For example, if we use the Heart & Soul Protocol, the first tap on the 3rd eye point will already produce a variant on that opening statement, if we pay attention, for example,

"Well I guess God loves me ... when I say nobody loves me, I think I mean I don't have a boyfriend ..."

This produces the next opening statement for this point, ie:

"I don't have a boyfriend."

We move on to the next point, the top of the eyebrow in this example, and tap the next evolution. In this example, and surprisingly, the person tapped for,

"I don' want a boyfriend."

This evolved into:

"I'm afraid of men and what they do to me."

Which in turn evolved into:

"I don't trust myself around men."

And that's only halfway through a single round of EFT.

As you can see, the FreeFlow protocol can produce major amounts of shifts and insights in a very short period of time in the hands of an advanced user, or with a therapist who can guide a client through the evolutions of the opening statements from point to point.

At the end of the round, if there's a feeling that more needs to be done, simply start at the beginning again and keep running the FreeFlow until there is a noticeable shift into feeling better, feeling as though one is coming to life again, starting to laugh with delight, being really happy.

Please note that this shift into an energized end state isn't a bonus or an extra; it is the PURPOSE AND AIM of an EFT FreeFlow session.

An excellent protocol that can bring amazing and surprising results on convoluted and complicated topics in little time.

Also useful when "the one single right opening statement" can't be found.

Silvia Hartmann 2003/2009.



For more information on threshold shifts & the energized end state as relates to EFT treatments, please see Energized EFT

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