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EFT Proxy Tapping: Do I Have Permission To Heal?

EFT Proxy Tapping: Do I Have Permission To Heal?

Do you have "Permission to Heal"? Just recently, the whole "permission debate" has flared up again, most notably in the context of proxy healing and EFT proxy tapping. Is it permissible to proxy tap EFT for someone else for their problems?

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Do we have any business interfering in someone else's "karmic path"?

Who are we to know "what's right for them"?

Is it allowable to heal someone against their will, or even wish them well, if full permission to do so has not been consciously granted?

There are, indeed, a great many people who truly wrestle with such questions.

Now and besides and beyond all the ethics and all the mental contortions, here's a little something I wrote in the Animal Healing Course. It is an interesting point and for some it may hold the key to the permission debate.

I offer it just as an observation; it is from a chapter that deals with the bare necessities of what needs to be in place in order for someone to be able to let themselves go ahead and take that step across and into becoming a true healer.


It is just extraordinary how people respond to being given permission to heal.

It is extraordinary that people should need permission to do so many things, like being creative, saying what they have to say, helping another, healing, teaching – I am sitting here shaking my head at the remembrance of the long, long lines of people over the years who have gone and done things that they were totally capable of all along but had never dared to do or even attempt until I gave them permission.

I learned this strange thing at my first dog training club and totally by accident.

I was 20, nobody at all to all intents and purposes, but I was good with Letroset (remember those plastic sticky letters you rubbed onto paper in the days before printers and photocopiers?). There was this lovely lady who should have been an instructor years and years ago but would not do it. I overheard her say that she didn’t have a certificate to say she was a “proper instructor” and for a laugh, I went home and made one. Took me all night, putting the letters down one by one and then writing her name out carefully in calligraphy on a beautiful piece of marbled parchment. I put on a red badge with sealing wax and imprinted it with a stamp that had a star in it.

I gave it to her the week after and instead of laughing, she took it, looked at it, burst out into tears, looked up at me and said, “Oh, thank you. Thank you. Now I can finally help show the beginners what I know.”

I was totally dumbfounded by this and stood as though struck by lightning with my mouth open. She had the certificate framed and started on the rota the week after the next and was simply the best instructor in the club with the beginners – so patient, kind, so very, very knowledgeable.

Being who I am, I tested this throughout the years and it was just as bizarrely effective from thereon in. Later, when I was helping people with their problems, there were innumerable occasions where I’d just say things like, “I give you permission to grow up.”, “I give you permission to finally lay the past to rest and be happy.” and suchlike statements, utterly meaningless because who am I to give anyone permission to do anything, as technically and legally meaningless as the handmade certificate of obedience instructing and yet, once through that permission barrier, people would respond with incredible relief and just go and do things they already were absolutely capable of doing but hadn’t even thought to try because they were stuck in a “Who am I to ...” loop.

Where are you still waiting for permission from someone?

Who is that someone?

How can you get this permission to go ahead and (start your business, write that book, live that life, have that holiday, heal by proxy, release that disease, ...) ?

Who do you have to ask?

To whom exactly, if they came along and gave you a certificate of (...), would you say Thank You! Now I can go ahead and do what I've always dreamed of doing?

It's an interesting set of questions, indeed.

Ask them in any place where you feel truly stuck and haven't made much headway and be prepared to be surprised with what you might find.




An Addendum:

Recently someone wrote in and asked yet again if it was ok to proxy tap EFT for another person and their child, and that they were very unsure and conflicted about it.

What should they do?

This time, I simply said, "Tap on it!"

"Being unsure" and "conflicted" can keep us in psychotherapy forever, but at the end of the day, they're just ZZZTS in the energy system.

When we improve the flow of energy through our energy body by tapping EFT on the EFT treatment points, we re-establish not just good and better feelings, but also much, much more clarity and logic.

We can "see the bigger picture" when we could not before; we can think more clearly and we can also think further into the future (the more stressed you are, the more reduced is the future visibility).

Which means you are in a much better position to judge whether you want to tap EFT by proxy for this person, or this person's child - or not.

What I have found over the last 15 years or so is that as soon as ANYBODY taps on their "healing another by proxy reversals" they always say, "My God! What was I thinking!!! Of course it's the right thing to do when you see someone suffer and you want to help them!!! It's crazy not to! It's anti-human, of course I want to send this person my best intentions, energy, prayers and all the help I have to offer!"

But as I say, don't take my word for it.

Just tap on everything that worries you, scares you, bothers you until you have an Even Flow established and you don't feel bad but good instead.

And of course, that's the right state from which to do the most powerful healing anyway!

Good tapping,

Silvia Hartmann


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