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EFT The Top Ten Tapping Tips

EFT The Top Ten Tapping Tips


Here are the top ten tapping tips for self help users of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques by the Author of <a href="" title="The best book on EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques!">the world's bestselling book on EFT</a> in brief.

Here are the EFT top ten tapping tips for self help users of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques by the Author of the world's bestselling book on EFT in brief.

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EFT The Top Ten Tapping Tips


  • If you are very stressed or upset, tap the first couple of rounds for "I want to calm down!" FIRST because if you start tapping random stress-mad thoughts nothing useful is accomplished.


  • You don’t have to hit the points exactly – as long as you are in the right area, it’ll work.


  • You can tap with either hand on either side of face and body. All the points are on both sides of the body (apart from the central ones of Under Nose and Under Mouth).


  • Tap firmly enough so you can feel it, but not so hard that it becomes unpleasant.


  • Tap quite fast, like you would tap a thermometer to make sure the liquid inside isn't stuck; that's the same kind of movement that will free up energy blockages in your meridian channels.


  • Limp, half hearted tapping won't bring you the best results so put some energy and will into your tapping to really get that energy flowing – that will make you feel much better!


  • Don't tense up - keep the area where you are tapping relaxed. Try and keep your body relaxed as you tap all over as well. Muscle tension can block the flow of energy.


  • Move around to help the energy flow – you can tap while you're standing, walking, and a bit of moving your neck, arms, feet, fingers and toes to help the energy flow can make all the difference to your Easy EFT session.


  • Interestingly, some places in your home work better than others to bring about good energy shifts. Try tapping in different locations in your house and garden and note the difference.


  • REMEMBER TO BREATHE DEEPLY! Breathing really helps with energy flow. Take the time to breathe in and out deeply between each point, and the remember the three deep breaths, in and out, at the end.


  • Typical EFT treatment responses include yawning, tearing of the eyes, rumbling in the stomach, and tingling electric sensations as the body starts to relax and energy starts to flow freely again. If you feel anything like that, you're doing really well – keep going!


  • If you don't feel anything, try more direct, hard hitting opening statements, and speak the statement out aloud as you tap. If there's no emotion in the statement, there's nothing to release and of course, then you feel nothing is happening, because there isn't!




  • Don't stop too soon! A lot of people are so amazed that something is getting better, they think that's it and leave it there. If you think you're finished, do at least one more round to REALLY get that energy flowing so that you don't just feel “a bit of relief” but you start to feel REALLY GOOD instead.


EFT Top Tapping Tips By

Silvia Hartmann

Author of Adventures In EFT,

The Advanced Patterns of EFT


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