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Energy EFT Self Help Treatment: An Embarrassing School Memory

Energy EFT Self Help Treatment: An Embarrassing School Memory

The EFT Story protocol is a hugely important pattern with many uses. Apart from the fact that it can treat any problem that has a story which can be told, it is also a wonderful training device to notice the effects of energetic disturbances on the mind/body/spirit system, to learn about de-stressing, about building a stress free path into the heart of the problem, and taking a negative memory through to a real healing event.

In this article, we find important tips on using the Energy EFT story protocol in self help, and a self help session done by Martina Konecna from the Czech Republic, who is student on the Master Practitioner course which is an excellent example how to do the story protocol right.

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The Energy EFT story protocol works as follows.

First, we de-stress the person (our ourselves in self help) so everyone concerned is clear, calm and in full possession of their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual faculties.

Then we ask: Tell the story of the problem in your own words.

We pay very close attention to what happens with the person's body, with their voice, their breathing, their gestures; and as soon as we detect ANY stress marker, we stop the story and treat that which caused the noticeable stress.

This way, we build a stress free path, like step stones, into the heart of the story where the greatest disturbances lie. The client remains stress free and lucid throughout; and every aspect in the story is treated with the attention it deserves.


Story Protocol Additional Instructions

Remember a memory from school that was painful, or embarrassing.

Tell the story of the memory.

Write it down as though you were telling the story.

"I was in the sixth grade and didn't like going to school much because there was this one teacher I hated ..." etc.

Break up what you've written into sentence fragments, for example:

I was in the sixth grade
I didn't like going to school
this teacher I hated

... each one of which gives you the exact correct set up for one round of EFT (or more if there's need for that).

The purpose of this exercise is to make sure the EFT practitioner can run a pure story protocol, step by step, and therefore resolve all the components of that story successfully, naturally, one step at a time, whilst de-stressing and empowering the client all the way.

Two tips.

If you are working with someone who has an extreme problem (no disrespect to your aspect's experience, of course) it really pays to intervene as early as possible.

In this example it would be with "I was in the sixth grade."

This is the super-safe, super precise, super gentle way of using this protocol and it can be an awesome experience to treat a special (life changing) story in this way for the client. Every aspect is heard, every aspect is given attention, every tiny little thing is being cared for. Nothing is unimportant. The simple story protocol becomes a numinous experience if it's done in that way..

The second tip is to avoid tapping composite set ups.

Unless it is the very conflict inherent in two different statements, such as "I love my wife AND I hate my wife," that is the issue, choose 1 thing to tap on, not a collection of them.

For example,

“The dog barks, snarls, and tries to snap my leg.”

... is three different set ups, relating to three different energy blockages. There is a *direct* correlation between the words a person says and the energy blockages involved; if a client has two words there, such as barks and snarls, rather than just one, we really do have two separate blockages we're dealing with.

What we have in both my tips is a moving away from the "getting to the EFT miracle as fast as possible" mind set and into a form of energy work that is extremely specific, very structural and highly predictable.

Now you may think this slows down the sessions, but it's worth it for the results. A particular memory that has made a person's life a misery and produced all sorts of symptoms sometimes for decades really deserves this level of attention to detail. There is also the effect that if we work like that a few times, we become as practitioners much more highly attuned to what's going on with the client. This is a core skill that puts us then in a better position to CHOOSE when we want to take a short cut.



Story Protocol Self Help Assignment:


Embarrassment At School


by Martina Konecna

(Martina is from the Czech Republic and English is her 2nd language)


When I started grammar school and was in the first class, an embarrassing thing happened to me. I went to the W.C. and when I flushed, the handle fell off and water  started to rush out. From fear I didn´t confess, I left it as it was and it felt very embarrassing.

1. “When I started to visit grammar school” (-5, pressure in throat)

During tapping I felt pins and needless of my feet, one moment pressure in head. At the end of this round I was at -2 and felt sadness.

I had need to tap more on it.

2. “My transfer to grammar school”

Movement of the emotions through my body, titillation at the back of my head. (-1)

3. “Beginning of the grammar school”

I registered movements of emotions through my body again. (+1)

4. “I was in the in the first class” (-4), pressure in eyepits, sadness

During tapping as if my eyes opened and the energy from eypits stretched up. Then pressure and sticking in forehead. (-2)

5. “First class”

Feeling energy flowing around my eyes – (0), sticking in forehead

6. “Forehead, sticking feelings” (-2)

During tapping it warmed up, very pleasant feeling, it streamed as if over the head to the back and along the spine down. Expressive pleasant feeling in the nape. (+2)

7. “An embarrassing thing happened to me” (-2)

pressure in my throat, growth of tiredness, occasionally sticking feelings in my head, frozen feelings in my body.

8. “That embarrassing thing at that time” (-1)

Frozing again, shifts of energy through my body, activation, tiredness disappeared. (0)

9. “I went to the W.C.” (-3)

It worked back in the neck and in head (0)

10. “When I tried to flush” (-2)

Sticking feelings in forehead and head. (0)

11. “The handle fell off” – still 0, no special feelings

12. “Water started to rush out” (-3)

Waves of energy along my spine, frozen feelings, particularly in nape. (0)

13. “From fear I didn´t confess” (-2)

Pressure in throat, then relief (0)

14. “I left it as it was” (-1)

Fine feelings in nape and along spine. (0)

15. “I felt very embarrassing” (0)

16. “I would like to feel safety”

Warming feelings in forearms, wrists, then in my heart, chest and from there it streamed to the hands. (+1)

17. “I would like to feel more safety with myself

Waves of energy in my back, along spine up and down, released breathing, warm in nape, then in shoulders and the whole top part of my back. (+3)

18. “I would like to know, how does it feel, when I am maximum safety with myself.”

Very nice and very strong – waves of energy, I had to go in room, warm in neck, relief, I started to smile, I had feeling, that in chest area I started to shine, (+7)

I wanted to deepen the feeling of shining.

19. “I shine.”

Warm, shining , smiling, joy, creepy feeling in my body (+8)

The lightening up of body – when this happens, it is very pleasant, joyful, nice and I don´t know how to describe this with words. (I experienced it already, but didn´t know how to repeat it) I´m very glad that it happened now.

I think, when I have worked this way, I learned a lot about the 6.senth, I could pay full attention to these various feelings in my body, because I knew (on the basis of the story), what I´ll say in the next round EFT. I could tap, relax and observe, what occurred. Very pleasant for me.

To my story: Now I would say “such a rubbish," but there were such important things involved… To be safe with myself it was so important to me (I didn´t realized it before), that set up treated nice the fear of myself.

Martina Konecna

Martina did an excellent job here; she took the time to really start at the beginning and work all the way through, carefully, conscientiously, step by step, checking in with the SUE scale after each pass to make sure she kept on track (the big challenge in EFT self help!).

She also paid outstanding attention to the physical sensations of the energy movements in her body and documented her awareness of what was happening really well.

There is merit in EFT self help sessions to likewise, document what goes on; it is really educational and allows you to pick up on certain things that got missed "in the heat of the moment" later on.

Finally, Martina did a really good job at finding the POSITIVE energy that would bring about the healing event, and to POWER UP this energy form through three rounds until she ended up with "I shine!" - a beautiful outcome and reward for an exemplary EFT self help session.

I'm hoping by posting this you'll be inspired to re-visit some of your own stories and gain your own version of "I shine!" at the end; each memory that is treated in this way becomes a star on our timeline; and when our timelines really start to sparkle - well, what might happen next ...?

Good tapping,

Silvia Hartmann

Author, Energy EFT

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* This article is based on work from the EFT Master Practitioner Distance Learning Course, Unit 3

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