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Fear of Magic EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Article by Silvia Hartmann

Fear of Magic EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Article by Silvia Hartmann

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Article about Fear of Magic by Silvia Hartmann

The 7 Greatest LIES that have held you back - and the 7 TRUTHS that will set you free!

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Article

Overcoming Fear Of Magic … With EFT

by Silvia Hartmann

* This article was originally written to help practitioners of EFT make the quantum leap from being just a "meridian engineer" to a real energy magic wizard (or witch!), and to be able to take the responsibility for creating veritable miracles of change. However, the same pattern can be used just the same for a wide variety of magical human endeavour, including all forms of "miracle healing" such as Reiki, ritual magick, witchcraft, and the development of psychic abilities of all kinds. All of these natural human abilities flourish when blockages, reversals and disturbances have been eliminated and the "Even Flow" has been re-established.


EFT - Unlock The Energy Magician Within

Sooner or later, people using the new energy therapies including EFT will come up against some inner blockages to really making the best of these wonderful new healing and developmental techniques - their own fears, doubts and blockages about "energy magic".

This doesn't kick in right away, at least not as long as "nothing is happening".

But when something does happen, as it is bound to because the techniques actually do work (!), old beliefs and all kinds of fears which may have even been entirely unconscious before come to the fore. In general, it affects people in two ways.

One group will simply "forget" all about EFT et al and go back to whatever they were doing before. When asked why they haven't used it on their latest problems, they will look very surprised and have no answer - but they will forget it again as soon as the person who asked has left the room and they just don't use it any longer.

Another group will continue to use it but will not be as efficient in using it as they could be - if there weren't some serious reservations somewhere to which we will come later. In the same way as Group 1, they might also simply "forget" to use EFT with more serious issues or just fail to notice the most obvious opening statements, for example.

Most of us are not in these two categories but their experiences are a pointer to how *we* can make all our energy work, with ourselves and with others, much more potent and effective.

Energy Techniques Reversals

Any form of existing "energy techniques reversals" will of course make it harder to do any kind of energy work, and including using EFT in self help, congruently and with the power and effectiveness. You could think of it as trying to do fitness exercises in handcuffs, with stones in your shoes, tin cans tied to your ankles and a bag over your head. That's what reversals, blockages and contortions on the subject of "all that spooky energy stuff" do to a person who sincerely wants to learn and use these amazing techniques.

This of course, is just as it is and no-one's fault nor character flaw; I think we all know ourselves enough by now to know that there is an awful lot about ourselves we're not consciously aware of. All kinds of old entrainments are "in there", running beneath the surface and causing contortions of all kinds; now's the time to relieve ourselves of these so that we can get to use EFT and the new energy techniques and systems, from therapeutic touch to martial arts, congruently, easily and with a clear and calm mind.

Let's Be Honest ...

No-one is going to know or hear what your objections to energy work might be.

Do this by yourself, on your own, with no wide-eyed students watching; and don't be afraid. If you *are* afraid, that's fair enough and nothing but another energy systems blockage or injury to take care of. In the name of healing, flow and logic, just take heart and go for it.

It doesn't matter how utterly "silly" these objections might sound.

Please do not censor the thoughts which might come to you when you have created an open confessional space to your own self on the topic of "objections to working with energy". There is NO such thing as a silly objection that may be brushed aside because it "seems childish" or because "I've already taken care of that in therapy 5 years ago". If it is here, then it isn't resolved and it needs treatment!

Do NOT dismiss thoughts that are contrary to your own most important beliefs.

A great many people have lovingly and carefully build themselves new belief sets from the ashes of their old ones - beliefs they were taught by their elders, school, church etc. In order to do this, they had to severely dismiss the old beliefs and thoughts, time and time again until it seemed that they have ceased to exist. If you open a space for such things, they might well re-surface and there may well be an understandable and reflex-like action to push them back down. Try and remember, should this be the case for you, that we are finally healing these things and really having them be gone and that this is really going to help you in all ways - as you can imagine.

General Objections To "Unleashing The Energy Magician Within"

I smiled as I typed this - I could have chosen a much, much more un-controversial title for this essay and the reason that I used the term "Energy Magician" is exactly to have some of you who read it experience a moment of fear or uncertainty, or rejection, "No, no, I'm only a healer! I only want to do good and help other people ..."

I am not sure why, but energy and magic have indeed, been linked across the ages. We often hear people say that "EFT works like magic" and we may have even thought this ourselves on occasion. Magic, as I'm sure you know, does not have a pure white resonance to it - that's not something we can help, any of us who have been brought up with the precepts of the Western World, from fairy tales to full out good VS evil indoctrination.

You may laugh, but it is *extremely common* that people who work with energy have a great and deep fear below their own awareness that energy work may just be - not good.

Not just actively religious people - and the actual denomination matters little if at all - are at the low end unsure, and at the high end very scared indeed when their healing or their self healing really works as if by magic.

There is also a common idea that doing energy work is somehow contrary to the teachings of any particular religion, and this very strongly includes the religion of science. In this particular religion, energy work is NOT a part of any of their many bibles and causes people who particularly pride themselves on being sensible, rational and logical to have much the same reversal and blockages as those who were raised in other types of religions.

Personally, I see energy work - from therapeutic touch to martial arts! - as just the same as seeking to make sure that the body has a reasonable diet and that if it is injured, it is cared for in the proper and effective manner as it deserves.

It is totally normal, purely systemic and completely sensible; and there is no need to "buy into" any kind of world view, any kind of religion or anything else than just being practical in order to learn and use EFT to a level of mastery.

Examples Of Blockages & Reversals

Each person must of course, find their own objections and reservations in their own time. These examples here are only meant to draw your attention to the many different kinds of "blockages" which exist in people and which, if left untreated, will directly impact their ability to make the most out of learning and experiencing the benefits of our wonderful new techniques.

Traumatic "Otherworldly" Memories

You may laugh but it is true - a child severely scared by a ghost (or what they might have thought was a ghost!) may well become "allergic to the para-scientific". The same holds for teenage experiences with ouija boards and Tarot decks, and many other similar experiences, including frightening dreams and "sensing strange entities" which is far more common amongst young children than most would suspect.

As a good proportion of people in the energy therapies field have been on a long and colourful journey across a great many modalities before they arrived here, there may also be traumatic experiences with soothsayers, channellers, healers, groups or on workshops to be considered in this context.

Remember: If it still hurts to think about right now, it is an energetic injury and requires healing!

Remember: Fear does NOT protect us. It clouds rational thinking and gets between you and the true experience of the Universe itself!

Treat such memories with the Story Protocol until they are restored and your mind, body and energy system runs cleanly when you think of the experience.

Religious Entrainments

These are very powerful entrainments and based primarily on the emotion of fear - fear of displeasing God, the authorities that are as good as God (elders, parents, priests, teachers etc), fear of hell and damnation, fear of "not being good". Young children can experience emotions far more profoundly than older people do, simply because firstly "now is everything" and secondly because they do not yet have the barriers of conscious thought to protect themselves; so even people who might think they are completely over their old upbringings and limiting beliefs may still have true wounds in their totality which do require healing now, and especially if they wish to work with the energy systems of their own bodies.

Remember: To love God wholeheartedly you need love, not fear. Fear gets between you and God, no matter what religion. To heal the injuries that result in fear is a good thing and will lead to more capacity and more instances of love. This is always worthwhile, whether you wish to work with energy or not.

Scientific Entrainments

Science has done a good job of marketing itself "as the only choice for the thinking man" - and thus, played an opening gambit that makes rational investigation beyond its own bounds virtually impossible.

For someone with a "scientific mind" it is very difficult to not have a great many objections to the whole subject of energy approaches. Here are a few common examples:

  • >I feel uncomfortable with this energy stuff.
  • >There are parts of me that don't like it.
  • >There are parts of me that just don't believe in it.
  • >If this was any good, why wasn't it taught at school?
  • >Its just not "my kind of thing".
  • >It's all unproven mumbo-jumbo.
  • >I don't want to turn into some dolphin freak.
  • >I'd like to believe in it but I can't.
  • >It doesn't make any sense to me.
  • >The theories are unscientific and flawed.

>Just as in the religious objections you are not "tapping your love for God" away, in the scientific objections your are NOT "tapping your common sense" away.

>Remember: Feeling ill at ease clouds the thinking mind just as well as it clouds the loving heart and it *reduces your effectivity* in learning more about these techniques, doing your own research, making up your own mind as to what is useful and what is only superstition.

Perceived Personal Limitations

This is the last of the "energy magic blockers" I would draw your attention to.

We have spend a lifetime constructing these strange things called "self concepts" - often if not always erroneous, unhelpful constructions full of conflicting decisions as to who or what we are, and what we can get to be and do.

Once again, what we are looking for in order to correct (heal) so that each one of us is able to do what we are doing more congruently, easier and thus, a great deal more powerfully in every way, is anything that causes confusion, with our old friend "fear" once again a high priority. Of course, all other types of emotions (read alarm signals to an underlying injury in the energy body) which make themselves known should also be treated, as soon as you become aware of them.

Here are a few examples of "perceived personal limitations" which indeed, have a strong effect on your experiences with the energy therapies and techniques:

  • You need a special talent - and I don't have it.
  • I have some talent but nothing special.
  • I'm only a
  • I couldn't handle that kind of power and/or responsibility.
  • I have never been any good at anything - why should this be any different?!
  • I don't deserve to be good at this.
  • I'm not a healer so I don't need this.
  • I don't want to be good at it because it would mean ...

Remember: We have noses, we have arms, we have a heart and we have an energy system. You are entitled to make use of all of it by right of birth alone.

In Conclusion

Using EFT to get better at using EFT is quite obvious and really, very useful indeed.

Apart from helping you to unlock some of your resting potential, I would also consider this issue of our relationship with working with the human energy system as a particularly important step in your development as "a human being who is beginning to learn about their own totality".

This is also a superb opportunity to revisit our respective energy systems and to do some much needed, long overdue healing which can only be a helpful thing for anyone, and no matter what they desire to do with "energy" after that, or their particular mission.

Silvia Hartmann, PhD

25. 04. 2003


© Silvia Hartmann 2003



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