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Wishing Gary Craig A Happy Retirement

Wishing Gary Craig A Happy Retirement

Silvia Hartmann writes: I have just heard that Gary Craig, the original designer of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, has decided to retire after these many years of unabated effort and sterling service bringing the many blessings of EFT to the people of the World. Here are my thoughts.

  • This article was first published December 2009.

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I am sure I am not only speaking for myself when I say how DEEPLY grateful I am to Gary for having seen the potential inherent in tapping with intention on the meridian points, and devised a way to make this available ENTIRELY FREE OF CHARGE to anyone who wants to learn EFT.

It must surely be incalculable how many people have been helped by now with EFT, how many tears have remained uncried, how many terrible things driven by negative emotions have NOT come to pass because of Gary Craig and EFT.

Likewise, it is entirely incalculable how much good has come of it so far, how much success has been achieved, how many blocks to happiness and achievement have been taken out, how much negativity has been deleted.

Finally, there are the learnings about the nature of human thought, emotion, the energy system, and how we work as people. Before EFT it can be said that 99% of all psychology was blindly stumbling in the dark with no way out as far as the treatment of intense emotions was concerned.

After EFT, we have a whole plethora of new approaches, so many new choices, opportunites and further avenues of exploration, it is simply wonderful news for all of humanity.

It is true that a single person can change the world. In fact, ONLY a single person can really change the world; and Gary Craig is one of those special people who can say, "Yes, I did that."

I would love to extend my deepest gratitude for all his good works, and the marvellous gift of EFT, and wish Gary the most happy of retirements, may it be filled with many moments of joy, love and grace.

With my very best wishes, and all my blessings,


Silvia Hartmann


  • This article about Gary Craig's retirement was first published December 2009.
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