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Tap Your Tip For Magic: Overcoming Global Reversal & Magic Failure With GV25

Tap Your Tip For Magic: Overcoming Global Reversal & Magic Failure With GV25

Ever wondered what it is with magic and noses? Why witches have such big noses, and TV witches twitch their noses to make magic happen? Or wondered what this might have to do with EFT tapping points, meridians, self-confidence destroying global reversals and all that jazz?

No? Well, my friend, don't worry any longer - here is a great tip to tap, based on the 8 mysterious "magic meridians" or Qi Jing Ba Mai, which are said to be the gateways to mystery and magic ...

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According to the venerable meridian elders in Chinese medicine, there are 12 "normal" body meridians which flow energy around the main energy body - but there are also the Qi Jing Ba Mai - the 8 mysterious "magic meridians."

They are also known as the eight extraordinary Qi vessel, the strange vessels, and the mysterious channels.

Now personally I believe that these, and many other channels for there are many more than just eight, are a part of the system in the energy body I call "the psychic circuitry" - the neurology of the energy body, if you will, and as such are even more important for physiological and psychological health than the main energy body "organ" meridians (things like cancer are created in the psychic circuitry, and they are cured there also; and all placebo effects as well as all psychosomatic diseases come from the psychic circuitry, not the relatively straightforward energy body systems, as well as that being the only place where these may be cured and affected).

These magic meridians have everything to do with how we feel, and how we think; it is their functioning that causes people to feel about themselves and the Universe in certain ways at a profound ground level.

In EFT Tapping, the Governor Vessel or GV for short, the first of these eight magic meridians, gets a tap under the nose; and that is a very good thing. I personally add the 3rd eye point which is extremely important in that context of the psychic circuitry being activated/energized to the EFT Tapping protocol (see EFT Heart & Soul Protocol) for this reason.

However, there are literally infinite potential further EFT tapping points along each and every meridian; and I would personally say that I don't think you could tap anywhere on the human body and not affect some part of the energy body which is everywhere. I have therefore in general and when teaching EFT to beginners refrained from adding further points as this only adds to the confusion, making an exception for the 3rd Eye Point (where Hindus wear their dot) because it is so important for mind/body/spirit reconnection.

The other day, I did a little research and came across the GV25 Suliao point, which is located on the tip of the nose.

Aha! as we say ... :-)

Tip of the nose tapping point


In a normal human being, the tip of the nose is the first thing that comes into contact with reality - it is the point that is the furthest forward on the human body.

I have mentioned the connection in folklore between the nose and magic; indeed, people used to follow their noses to sniff out witches in days gone by. Such persistent linguistic and behavioural hints we find strewn across the ages and the various cultures of human beings unsually denote there's something in it, and in this case, there certainly is.

  • The Governor Vessel acts like "the backbone" of the psychic circuitry, or the energy body neurology. When the flow in this central channel that runs right up the middle of the body is compromised, global reversal ensue, which means that the entire energy system collapses.

When this happens, a person becomes physically weak, extremely stressed, and to all intents and purposes, "helpless."

This is very important, because this state of helplessness manifests not just in weak muscles (which is how reversals are demonstrated in kinesiology), but it also manifests in "weak thinking" or "collapsed thinking" as one might find in people who are having panic attacks, or who are extremely disturbed, such as, "Nobody loves me!" "I'm helpless and doomed!" - "There's nothing I can do to protect myself!" - "I can't trust anyone!" - "I'm terrified!" - "There is no God and there never was ...!" and so on and so forth.

We have noted this total systemic collapse, the grand and completely "global reversal" which can happen at any time, to any person, and indeed, it does happen much more frequently than people believe, for many years.

We have called these global reversals "magic failure." This was based on the original observation during Project Sanctuary research, when people deal with a variety of challenging autogenic or virtual realities, and experience total system failure of mind, body and spirit even in that autogenic realm where all is nothing more but information, data, and energy.

A person in magic failure "forgets" all their resources, helpful learnings, even basic rules and regulations on how the world works and simply collapse into a wailing heap, a helpless state in which they will think and say all manner of nonsense that is only a symptom of the process itself and thereby "not worth the paper it isn't written on" as the saying goes.

Instead of arguing with a person in magic failure, the person needs to come out of magic failure - or in energetic terms, the global reversal needs to be stopped, then re-reversed so that the energy system flows smoothly again.

As soon as that happens, the person regains access to their physical senses and their normal strength; they also re-gain access to clear thinking, logic, and all their memories and resources, knowledge, wisdom, tools and techniques they need to deal with the situation at hand.

In this context, the concept of magic failure (which is in many ways a more humane and inclusive term than "a global reversal") is extremely useful to stop people from getting involved with the disturbed content of their thinking and feeling that happens naturally and as a side effect from being in magic failure.

For example, instead of arguing with someone who is in magic failure that "you are wrong to think that no-body loves you" or even worse, thinking that some kind of truth exists in that statement and then going on into the labyrinth of asking, "Why does nobody love you?" which is a wild goose chase from which there is no return for a very long time indeed, we simply note that you would never think, feel or say that if you were not suffering from a global reversal or magic failure, and we need to restore your systemic functioning fast, so you get to think and feel and act differently again as soon as possible.

This is a massive short cut in personal development and saves so much time in the treatment as well as the self treatment of all manner of psychological and emotional problems, it is little wonder that "treating magic failure" has taken a front row seat of interest in our research.

And here we come to the magic meridian, the Governor Vessel, and the magic point, GV25.

What could be easier than in a moment of feeling yourself sliding into magic failure to tap the tip of your own nose to stop the reversal?

What a useful thing to know and to remember!

Interestingly, in my research I have found a number of acupuncture specialists in China and Japan who are also focusing their research on GV25, which I shall call the magic point.

Reports have been made of the magic point on the tip of the nose being very useful in the treatment of addictions, anxiety disorders and hyperactivity in children, to mention but a few.

If we consider the Governor Vessel to be the "backbone of the psychic circuitry" and consider what happens to a person when they lose their spine, it is pretty intuitive to know that this will lead to perceived weakness, feeling victimised, feeling incapable of "standing up for yourself," feeling unprotected and un-defended, and thereby becoming terrified and seeking relief from this anxiety that is structural and not at all imagined.

Other Chinese Medicine experts from the past have suggested that the magic meridians or Qi Jing Ba Mai serve a protective function, that they carry some kind of antidote to negative energies and keep them out, like an immune system for the psychic circuitry.

The feelings of being unprotected and unable to defend oneself from anything that go with magic failure may well be based entirely on a correct assessment of a truthful, actual experience that is perfectly real and has good cause. Or in other words, folk who feel like that are exactly right to feel like that, because they are in a situation where they have lost their ability to both psychically defend themselves, as well as physically "stand up" to intruders, and danger.

The effect of such experiences to a person's self belief, self image and self concept are simply enormous, especially over time; and the more often and the more quickly we can pull ourselves and others out of magic failure, the better we will be for it, and that's a fact.

It's a fascinating thing and something I would encourage you to experiment with.

  • Try tapping the tip of your nose when you feel yourself going into magic failure (following a shock or fright, a threat or perceived threat, when you feel you've done something wrong, or something bad has just happened, for example) and breathing deeply for a minute or so.

Note how that changes your feelings and the way you feel, and also, how it affects your breathing, how deeply you can breathe.

Try "tapping the tip" when you are unsure of what to do next - this is something people do naturally when they are perplexed or thinking about something and if the theory of the magic meridians is correct, or even in the right direction, it will help you make a very quick and easy correction to the state of your energy flow.

Wriggling your nose and trying to twitch the tip of your nose is funny and that's a good thing - one of the major symptoms of magic failure or global reversal is that people cannot see the funny side of things any longer, having lost all perspective and existing in a world without light and full of fear and monsters at the time.

So by all means, have a play with your magic tip and the magic tap on the magic tip :-)

The beauty of working with EFT type tapping is that it doesn't cost a dime, takes seconds, and can make you feel better.

For Project Sanctuary players, this is a very cool little tip to get over magic failure quickly, wherever you are; for EFT practitioners and self helpers, have a go at adding the magic point to a tapping round and pay attention what that does.

It's an interesting thing, a natural human thing to do with potentially major effects on your mental, physical, emotional and psychic well being.

Silvia Hartmann

January 1st, 2011

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