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Importance Of The Right Set Up Phrase

Thomas asks: "Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying, "If I had only an hour to chop down a tree, I'd spend 45 minutes sharpening my axe." Is the EFT Set-up Phrase the axe to my problem tree? Is it the 20% of the technique that accounts for 80% of the results? Is it imperative that I have the RIGHT Set-up Phrase? In other words, is it THE most important part of EFT? Thanks. -- Thomas"

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Set Up Tips With Silvia Hartmann

Doing EFT without ANY set up (if this was possible, as we are always SOMEWHERE in our attention/states/experiences/thoughts/feelings/etc) is a nice massage for the energy system and GIVES THE ENERGY SYSTEM SOME ATTENTION which is long overdue and nourishing in itself.

When it comes to OVERCOMING A PARTICULAR PROBLEM, the set up is, in my opinion, actually 100% decisive in whether that PARTICULAR PROBLEM is going to be overcome, and how quickly it will be resolved to nothing at all.

I've done a ****lot of EFT with a ****lot of people, and if they're spider phobic and you happen to have a real live spider to trigger the set ups in real time, you can bet your last dime that it's going to unlock quick and easy.

If you DON'T have a real life spider, we're now in the place where we have to try and TOUCH ***EXACTLY**** that part of the energy system where the problem resides.

We have to try and "evoke" that part of the energy system to come forward and present itself for treatment.

This now depends on the practitioner's skill to make the client feel SAFE enough to "go there" in their internal representations, and this is directed via WORDS the practitioner speaks, and the ENERGY these words carry across to the client.

When the client is *there*, they will have words, phrases, feelings, sensations, behaviours which arise directly out of THAT most specific state which are the pathways and linkages TO that state.

Those are the "set ups" that belong to that state and they are what unlock and change the state.

In my experience, it is the simplest and fasted way to get to the magic words that make EFT work like a dream is to start with where the client is at, right there and then.

"I'm nervous about this whole thing."

"I'm really scared of spiders."

"I'd rather run away right now ..."

"I've been afraid of spiders all my life ..."

"Spiders have ruined my life ..."


That's just an example of how if one just follows with the client from whereever they may be when the treatment starts, you get this nose-dive into real heavy emotional/energetic disturbances FAST and it's totally accurate and appropriate to that one client.

In the example above, that last "hate hate hate" thing completely unlocked the state. After that, the client burst out into tears and connected with the feelings of fear and helplessness related to spiders and they were dealt with so elegantly, it was nearly scary. The whole thing to brilliant clarity and no fear, actually even into *fascination* with spiders, took less than half an hour altogether on this occasion.

So the EFT treatments become like a state ladder or a state stairway - each one unlocks the next level as the client moves in on the central (and very painful) energetic injuries one highly targetted round at a time, and no sooner than they are ready to take the next step with some confidence and certainty..

That's very effective, fast, immensely respectful of the client's experiences and you can't go wrong with it.


Silvia Hartmann 

Author, The Advanced Patterns of EFT

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