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Instant EFT Protocol IEFT

Instant EFT Protocol IEFT

"I have also seen a number of clients who would express a negative emotion, decide to tap on it, raise their hand to the Sore Spot or reach over for the Karate Chop tap, stopped in mid movement and started to laugh as the whole thing had already happened, all by itself."

Useful EFT article for advanced EFTers from 2002, outlining how to get from normal or classic EFT to instant EFT IEFT step by step.

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The Instant EFT Protocols


Just as someone who practises Karate will find that their body seems to learn blocking and protection movements to become entirely automatic, reflexive and unconscious after a time, someone who practises EFT will find that their body can learn to do a treatment all by itself if it is instructed to do so.

This is essentially the experience of many advanced EFT users, namely that they have only to think or say the words “Even though ...” and that is quite enough for yawning, tearing of the eyes, energy shifts and body sensations to become apparent without having tapped on a single point.

I have experienced this too of course and I have also seen a number of clients who would express a negative emotion, decide to tap on it, raise their hand to the Sore Spot or reach over for the Karate Chop tap, stopped in mid movement and started to laugh as the whole thing had already happened, all by itself.

Instant EFT works best when:

  • The person who uses it has familiarity with the Classic EFT protocol;

  • they trust the Classic EFT protocol to unblock/re-align their systems;

  • and they have little or no blockages in their internal communications with the energy body/body mind which would preclude the ability of the body mind to do this from working.

Therefore, and once again, “learning” Instant EFT is not so much a question of acquiring new skill sets or a lot of practise, but far more a question of unblocking the natural abilities of our own totalities to get on and do what they were designed to be doing for us in the first place.

Now, let us make it as easy as possible for all concerned to re-learn how we set up our totality systems for self treatment which is of course what Instant EFT is in essence.

Unblocking The Self Treatment Systems

Limiting beliefs and meanings are the usual suspects to stop the self treatment systems to come into operation.

Whether you are teaching or learning IEFT, we thereby start with any contra-indications an individual may have and treat these with Classic EFT to get them out of the way:

  • This would be too easy

  • Other people might be able to do this but not me

  • I don’t believe it can be done like this

  • IEFT won’t work as well as physical tapping

  • You need to physically stimulate the body to make the energy system respond.

... or whatever else you or the client might be thinking to stop it all from proceeding most smoothly.

Communicating Intent To The Body Mind

Now, we have a body mind which is willing and ready to perform an “EFT Rebalancing” or major meridian clearing session as and when instructed.

What we need next is to communicate our intent to have this be done to the body mind.

As we think a great many things at the rate of knots all day long and at night when we sleep, the body mind as all the unconscious systems are basically programmed to ignore all and everything we come up with unless the message is marked out in some way as being relevant.

As the attempted act of giving oneself post hypnotic suggestions in the form of affirmations and all sorts of other avenues has been attempted already by most people with very dubious results, half heartedly and against the energy blockages which exist to stop anything much from happening, simply stating the intention is not as effective as it might have been once upon a time when things were very different altogether.

I therefore suggest to perform a symbolic action to support the instruction that the EFT style major meridian clearance on the top is to take place on top of the general instruction with will and voice that it should be so.

Naturally, the Sore Spot, being always the first point in any EFT treatment chain is the prime candidate for this symbolic action, as the totality is already well used to this being the starting point for the forthcoming release.

So here is what we do:

  1. Place your entire hand over the sore spot (either side will do but preferably, hand on your heart :-), wait until you can feel the warmth of your hand on your skin and gently move the hand in a circular motion.

  2. State out aloud that when you place your hand there and think about a problem, starting with the words “Even Though ...” you would like the EFT sequence on the topic in question to take place immediately and automatically.

  3. Take your hand away, take a deep breath (break state) and think of a problem in order to contact it.

  4. Now, place your hand on your heart and say the opening statement out aloud. Pay attention to what happens next – your physical sensations. Is something happening?

  5. The first few times you do this, you might find that the process gets started but stops somewhere. You can help your fledgling IEFT process along by giving a gentle tap where it seems to have become stuck and then letting it take its own course again.

  6. Practise IEFT until it noticeably happens quite fast and all by itself.

There is no harm or problem if you sometimes still have to tap a few points here and there to support the unfolding learning of the energy body how to do this and what it is that you want it to be doing.

Some topics need this, especially when you first start with IEFT.

Progression To Pure IEFT

At first, we will always keep our hand on the heart because this is the absolute, no mistake, physiological instruction to the body mind which will always take physiological evidence in preference to thoughts of intention (hence the importance of congruency in mind body states to get anything important done and supported by the unconscious mind and the general totality).

We also keep the “even though” trigger in place for each treatment, even if we are just concentrating on a feeling that needs to be released, are looking at an object or using any other kind of attunement device to the problem including silence.

You will find that the EFT meridian channel clearing will process much faster than you could ever physically tap it; and that the process becomes more profound and more profoundly noticeable with just a little practise.

To move towards pure IEFT, please, don’t be impatient. Don’t rush it and give yourself the time you need to really have learned the basics and it works reliably, gets stuck rarely and you can really feel the shifts.

There is absolutely no merit in pushing towards these next stages if the underlying basics have not fully been learned – all that will happen is not a saving in time, but that you end up with a self healing system that is crippled and never as effective for you as it could have been.

When you are ready, and no sooner than that, you can begin to:

  1. Think the trigger of “even though” instead of speaking it out loud;

  2. Next, leave the trigger out and just focus your intention on what needs to be treated. But please note that if it fails to work, immediately back up and practise the “even though” stage for a little while longer.

When you can really feel the clearing running straight through your systems when you just hold your hand to your heart and focus on the disturbance, we are ready to let go of the last help device in learning IEFT, namely physically placing your hand on your heart.

To begin this what in fact is a quantum leap in your ability to communicate with your body mind directly and instantly, we make the intention of putting our hand on our heart by focussing on the act of doing it but not actually performing the action itself.

You might need to help this process along, once again, at the beginning by at least beginning the gesture in physicality to bridge between the physical instruction and the pure intention.

When you can create that state shift by intention, namely the state where the body mind is alert and ready to go, waiting for the next instruction, namely what to focus on for the actual clearing, you and your body mind have learned a number of very important things indeed, and not least of all, how body mind/conscious mind communication works – namely with state shift and intention, focussed and controlled.

As such, and once again, EFT has shown itself to be a fantastic training and teaching device that bridges between physicality and intent and for this single purpose, it is very well worth it to make the slight effort it takes to really learn how to do IEFT as excellently and elegantly as we were designed to be able to do.



From “Advanced Patterns Of EFT” by Silvia Hartmann

All Rights Reserved.

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