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Why Don't They Just Tap On It?!

Why Don't They Just Tap On It?!

If you have spent any time in the global EFT community, you will undoubtedly notice that there's a lot of negative emotions flying about. People are always falling out with each other over arguments of all kinds, personality clashes, theory clashes, "It's my way or the highway!" style clashes - all sorts.

Real, proper human beings "at it" - full on. So the question has to be asked ... "Why don't they just tap on it ...?"

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Why Don't They Just Tap On It?


If you have spent any time in the global EFT community, you will undoubtedly notice that there's a lot of negative emotions flying about. People are always falling out with each other over arguments of all kinds, personality clashes, theory clashes, "It's my way or the highway!" style clashes - all sorts.

Real, proper human beings "at it" - full on.

And it being EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, as it were, a method designed to free us from negative emotions and behaving like a two year old with a wisdom tooth coming through, the question has to arise: "Why don't we just tap on it?"

There is a very basic problem here.

If the top EFTers can't walk their talk, then how useful can EFT be to overcome "the problems of humanity" (which are, let's face it, all based on emotions and getting really pissed off with one another, way too often and all the time!)?

And here comes a personal experience which enlightened me, shall we say, to why the EFT people on the whole can't just tap on it, get over it, get together on the same page and direct their energies towards more general acceptance of EFT and modern energy work, rather than scrapping amongst each other.

The people who are doing the fighting aren't tapping on it because they are using Classic EFT.

Classic EFT has two features which make it extremely difficult, if not downright impossible, to use in self help on yourself when you are angry, hurt, and righteously upset.

The first is the underlying belief that you have to delve into the trauma that caused the problem in the first place in excruciating detail.

This is a direct inheritance from Classic EFT's progenitor, Thought Field Therapy, which was created by a PSYCHOLOGIST. Psychologists really believe that in order to heal problems in the now, you have to re-visit the past. They believe this, deeply and profoundly, to the point where it is never questioned that it is a "the truth" that without delving into the original, causative trauma, you cannot possibly progress or get rid of your problems in life.

That's a huge problem.

As normal human beings, we really do not want to delve into our traumas. Indeed, we are programmed by the Creative Order itself to AVOID PAIN.

There is no pain/pleasure principle - there is only a pleasure principle. We seek the best sensations, full stop. That obviously results in avoiding anything that causes pain and suffering - and so naturally, nobody wants to "get into" their personal past traumas.

The greater the personal trauma, the less you want to get into it.

And if it is a huge personal trauma, then there's no way you can even make yourself "go back there."


As it is impossible to pull out your own infected teeth with a pair of pliers. It hurts too much. You're just going to faint before you can put on enough pressure to get anything done.

It's important to understand that to NOT "just tap on it" isn't a character defect, it's a structural impossibility.

This human design feature makes it impossible to apply EFT on serious trauma in self help, and that's why people don't.

The second feature of Classic EFT that precludes using it is the absence of the positive wing of the SUE scale, and the uncertainty over the healing events, aka the "one minute wonders" or "EFT miracles."

Without having access to the POSITIVE emotions range, Classic EFT is extremely hit and miss.

To start dealing with your own infected wisdom tooth, you need to have CERTAINTY that at the end of the treatment, you're going to feel great, the problem is resolved, and you've done a good thing.

In the absence of that certainty, a major driver to start tapping is missing.

And that's the second reason why people don't "just tap on it!"

I realised this when, after an absence of ten years, I rejoined the global EFT community in the shape of an all comers forum for the first time.


I got angry immediately, very angry, and I remembered why I'd walked away ten years previously.

People clearly still weren't "just tapping on it ..."

But I decided there and then that I was not going to run off again, I decided that I would take Energy EFT for a ride on that topic of the EFT "community" itself.

Before I even started, I knew this.

1. Modern Energy EFT works (for me). I can rely on it.

2. No matter how many arguments I can find for being RIGHTEOUSLY upset and angry, IT'S ONLY STUCK ENERGY. God almighty! I've treated enough people to know exactly what happens when the ex starts to tap on, "He was so mean to me ..."

It's only stuck energy and we're better off with flowing energy - fast flowing energy.

That's a LAW OF NATURE and there are no exceptions at all.

I know this!

3. Instead of trembling with anger and thinking all sorts of stupid things, after a bit of tapping I would be laughing and feeling much, much better. And have new ideas to deal with the situation at hand.


This I also knew.

So I went and tapped on it.

And of course, felt a lot better afterwards, still do.

But when I looked back on what I had actually done, it had been POSITIVE ENERGY EFT.

I had not delved into all the traumas. Too many traumas and echoes, years of delving would have been required, old style. I would have had to have placed an order with Kleenex directly, for a whole container of tissues. No way!

I had used a range of positives to overcome the energy blockages that made me feel bad.

And that's when the lightbulb went on.

Of course.

As long as you're stuck with Classic EFT, you can't "just tap on yourself and sort yourself out."

That's why I didn't either, back in the day, and that's why I walked away from it all in disgust. And did something else instead, EMO, which just handles energy without all the talking and delving, smoothly, quickly and elegantly.

As long as I was away from the Classic EFT community, the problems didn't come up, just in case anyone is wondering why I didn't use EMO back in the day to overcome those problems. They weren't there, weren't presenting themselves.

And, it seemed only appropriate to actually "tap on it" - use EFT for the EFT related problems.

I swept nothing under any carpet. I had some interesting insights that the problems I'd had with getting folk to listen to me back in the day didn't start with the EFT community but there was very little crying, and no delving.

It was really interesting, exciting, and made me feel better.

And that is my case for Positive EFT in self help, or Energy EFT, if you will, because Positive EFT is just a part of Energy EFT I have had to highlight to get people off that "trauma delving" entrainment, enslavement even.

I believed ten years ago and I still believe to this day that if you are serious about EFT, then you need to walk your talk and work on yourself. We really do ALL OF US need to most urgently "just tap on it!"

We need to get over it - the energy blockages that cause us to become upset with the other EFTers.

This is a test case.

We're doing a tapping technique and we're scrapping and fighting.

How we can take EFT to say, the United Nations, and tell two warring countries to "just tap on it!" if we're not doing it first?

I would say this to each one of us, and myself included.

"When you get angry and upset, and you really want to snap back, fight back, and you know you're right, and they are oh so wrong, and so bad, YOU DO KNOW IT'S JUST AN ENERGY BLOCKAGE.

You KNOW THAT if you are any kind of EFTer at all.

You KNOW THAT it will resolve and leave you feeling better if you just do it.

You don't have to delve into your traumas, either.

Just start with a decision that you want to feel better, that you want to be smarter, stronger (than those idiots, if necessary!), clearer, calmer, more loving.

That you want to be a role model for the newbies, authentic, honest, and do the best you can as a human being.

Start with that decision to get over the energy blockages, and start somewhere. You don't have to start with Positives like I do, I appreciate it's a leap of faith, but you can start with, "I want to get rid of all of this BS, let it all go, let it all flow away, that is my will!" and get the energy flowing.

It's a step in the right direction.

You really don't have to relive your traumas to be a better person. To feel better. Just USE EFT for a while, not to psychoanalyse yourself, just to make yourself feel better.

That's a step in the right direction.

And then eventually, we come to a place when someone says to you, "Oh for the love of God, please JUST TAP ON IT," you can say ...

"Oh .. OK ..."


Silvia Hartmann

Author, Energy EFT & Positive EFT

March 2014


* You can see my notes on the "EFT Community" self help session here,


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