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888 Astrology

Sherry MacBeth writes:

I had a look at what astrological energies would be at play on August 8th and was intrigued by what I have found ...

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We have Mercury and the Sun both in Leo on this day.  Mercury in Leo brings out our confidence and this comes through in the ideas we share and the thoughts we put out into the Universe.  You couldn't ask for a more powerful energy to bring our awareness online!  And with th4e Sun already playing under Leo's fiery energy, we get the added boost of a social atmosphere so reaching out to others, getting this Energy Awareness concept out there in the world, will flow a whole lot better and wider.

We also have the Moon moving into Sagittarius the day before which will hold influence on the 8th as well.  This is where we turn our inner searching out into the world.

We want to learn, we want to make our energy and the environment that surrounds us a better place.

This too allows the concept of Energy Awareness flow more freely into the minds of many.  We are able to kick off the entanglements of the mundane world and allow ourselves to bask in the glow of this energy.  We become more willing to allow our curiosity free reign and cross genres and disciplines to gain a better understanding.  The main theme of the Moon in Sagittarius is covering as much ground as possible and that too is the goal of the Energy Awareness Event reach as far and as wide as it can.

Two other interesting energies happening are Neptune moving into Aquarius on the 4th of August, and Mercury opposing Neptune on the 8th.  Neptune in Aquarius helps to uncover secrets and creates a sense of wanting to rise up against the things that try to take away our freedom.  Mercury opposing this energy has a tendency to brings out gossip and scandals, so don't be too surprised if you see such news relating to governments coming to light and people rallying for change.

This energy also works for those of us who have felt like they had to hide their beliefs and practices.  As Silvia pointed out to me earlier, she has been speaking about people coming out of the energy closet and not being afraid of what others will think if we admit to using tools such as EFT and Emotrance, and following your heart.  So this could open the doors of freedom for many.

In all this should bring some interesting energies into this day!


Sherry MacBeth

Posted May 27, 2011
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