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The Energy Of Plants & Trees Changed My Life

The Energy Of Plants & Trees Changed My Life

Audre Gutierrez writes: Many years ago, when I was a corporate Vice President of Human Resources, I was struggling with a number of physical manifestations of the stress from my work including severe lower back pain and I also had a separated shoulder from a work-related situation.

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I was in Philadelphia, PA for a global meeting of the top 300 people in our company, and was searching for a massage therapist to treat my shoulder while I was at the week-long meeting. After a number of scheduling mishaps, the Universe sent Barry Kapp, a massage therapist from Philadelphia, to treat me at the hotel...unfortunately, the company which represented him had neglected to tell ME that he was coming (at 6 am) to give me a massage. Again, I rearranged my schedule so that I could get the treatment.

During the massage, he asked if he could use essential oils on me to help with the stress and help heal the trauma to my shoulder. I HAD NEVER HEARD OF ESSENTIAL OILS so I asked, "What are they?"

He put a couple (Frankincense & Galbanum, specifically) under my nose so I could smell them and I said ABSOLUTELY NOT. I cannot go sit with 300 other executives and smell like that!

Not to be denied, he asked me again, a number of times, if he could use a few and finally, I relented and said "Yes, but not anything that you put under my nose. Something people are familiar with, like Lavender or Peppermint."

So he did.

I fell asleep on the table, and when I woke up, I was already late for the first meeting of the day. We parted ways quickly, with me shoving money in his hand and him shoving a card in mine. About 10-12 hours later, I was driving home in rush hour traffic on the busiest road in Philadelphia.- and I was SINGING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS! I suddenly realized what I was doing - and how I felt.


Filled with Joy.

Infused with Love.

I had literally never felt that way that I could remember, certainly not as an adult. All of a sudden, I knew - IT WAS THE OILS. The massage was great, but I had had many great massages. I knew it was the essences he had put on me that had created this incredible experience.

And that was how my journey with the plants and trees began.

Today, Barry and I are co-owners of Wisdom of the Earth, a medicinal-grade, essential oils company.

My life was never the same after that one experience - the energy of the plants and trees awakened me, physically, emotionally and spiritually, and I created a life, over a number of years, that was truly aligned with my soul purpose.

So, the energy, the LOVE, of the plants & trees changed my life. Now I am helping other people find the power of energy and love of plants and trees for themselves through my work with pure plant & tree medicines, the energy and chemistry of essential oils.

Audre Gutierrez

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Posted May 20, 2011
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