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Making Love To The Magical Banker Within

Making Love To The Magical Banker Within

Alright. So today I was passing a bar and I heard a bunch of people doing the usual stuff, moaning and groaning about "the bankers" and their greed and how much they hate them and want to line them up and shoot them all, bastards that they are ...

And I got to thinking, if you hold those views, those emotions, and you go home and work on your next get rich quick scheme, how does that jive ...?

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Well of course it doesn't.

Every time you get on the outrage pony and ride full tilt into the "bankers are bastards" town with the other ne'erdowells, you are re-affirming that you don't want money, you don't want to be rich, you don't ever want to become one of those, you don't want to deal with them, you want nothing to do with "the bankers" in its widest metaphorical sense.

You find me ONE person on this earth who is rich and doesn't have any relationships with bankers or their minions!

It's structurally and mutually exclusive, and it really is.

Either you are going to jive with bankers, and then you can be rich, or you won't and you don't.

So, what now?

That's a good question.

Clearly, we have a situation here were the actions of metaphorical bankers have brought wreck and ruin to so many, and nobody wants to be a greedy soulless sonofabitch when the final reckoning is done.

It's a paradox but if you want to get rich, and especially if you want to get really, really rich, rich enough to make massive global changes in whatever arena you choose to engage in, something has to be done about it.

We could be in therapy for a thousand years and talk ourselves to death a thousand times, and it wouldn't do any good.

The only true salvation lies in energy work of some kind.

The first thing would be to forgive the bankers.

Structurally what that means is to heal any energetic injuries that have been sustained to yourself and potentially your family, tribe, race, country by the actions of bankers.

People are angry because something HURTS. And people are ready to forgive when it doesn't hurt anymore, and then they're willing to consider compassion, and finally beyond that, unconditional acceptance, non-judgemental love.

So here's an idea for self help to save the magical banker within and give you a chance to enter into that powerfield of the super-rich of the ages without losing your soul in the process.

1. Make a list of all the things about bankers that make you really angry, that upset you, that get you going, that make your blood boil.

Get into this. Make the list as long and as comprehensive as you can, get it all out into the open.

That's a first step, a diagnosis of where your energetic injuries are.

2. Now we have apply some healing. You can use EFT if you're new to energy work, details of the free protocol can be found on

For more advanced energy people, EMO is quick and reliable. Simply locate where you feel that anger or pain in your body most, and find an exit point for that energy so it flows freely again. This empowers you, makes your energy body stronger and can be done at any time, in the field to keep your energy system running clean and bright.

3. Once you've dealt with your worst banker disturbances (and make no mistakes, for many people these are as profound as physical child abuse, and as serious!) you can start to consider that if you were a banker, what kind of banker you would be.

How you can make it so that instead of an OR there is an AND - I'll make massive profits AND I will benefit humanity in doing so.

That's the key really, to think and feel in a new way, to let the old be the old and start to consider the new.

I would also personally consider it to be useful to address the powerfield of the ages surrounding the bankers, which is deeply unfortunate and steeped in all things despicable - war, blood, betrayal, greed, envy, all the seven deadly sins and another a hundred deadly sins on top.

Until and unless this powerfield changes, all the new bright things who come into it will be swept up in it and the old will repeat itself.

So this may sound majorly esoteric to you but I would suggest that sending healing to that field, sending love and light to that field, and giving one's best prayers and attention to evolving that painful field of banking and finance to something better, something NEW, is really at the heart of changing the world.

I leave this thought with you; in the meantime, whenever you hear more banker-bashing in the media, amongst your friends and relatives, stop and think.

Think what you want to achieve, focus on how you want to do that, and know that when the final reckoning is done, anger won't matter, it's only how much love you managed to find in yourself for the worst amongst us that will count.

Metaphysically practically yours,


August 2011


Silvia Hartmann

Author, EMO: Emotions, Energy, Information & Love




Article written in conjunction with World Energy Awareness Event

Posted Aug 3, 2011
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