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Muscle Relaxation For Improved EFT Performance

Muscle Relaxation For Improved EFT Performance

Dr Silvia Hartmann writes: I have noticed something which can make a big difference in the effectiveness of EFT treatments (and other treatments that rely on tapping or holding major meridian points).

This EFT tip is quite simple and a single instruction given at the right time by an experienced EFT practitioner will improve the speed at which the SUDs levels go down, and reduce the number of rounds needed to complete the treatment.

What I have noticed is this.

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People, when they tap on themselves, and in expectation of the arrival of the touch of their own fingertips, will automatically and reflexively tense up that part of their body they are about to tap.

Try it now for yourself by tapping under your nose or under your mouth.

Here particularly, people will automatically tense up various muscle groups, and it looks much like they were shaving themselves. If you pay attention, you can notice in yourself and also see in others which parts of their faces and necks are locking up and becoming tight, and tense.

Now say to yourself, say in your mind, "Relax your face. Relax your mouth. Relax and tap softly."

Notice how much better that feels? How a softer touch produces a larger resonance?

This is because muscle tension directly influences and blocks the transmission of energy through the channels.

It means that for the same amount of tapping, when the body area on which we are tapping can remain completely relaxed, we get SIGNIFICANT improvements in the energy flow of that respective meridian, and the unblocking/unlocking/rebalancing effects of EFT treatments become easier to achieve, faster, and the experiences the person is having, much more profound.

Now try this.

Tap on your collar bone as you would normally do.

Now, take a deep breath and say to yourself, "Relax your shoulders, relax your arms, breathe deeply ..." and tap again.

Notice the difference?

This works relative to all the points in the protocol; and also for the finger points, the Gamut point and especially the Karate Chop point, where people naturally and because of the name, tense their hands into a "chopping" gesture. "Keep your hands nice and loose, keep them nice and relaxed," improves energy flow in that area.

This is a good pattern to use with clients and has the secondary benefit of being very restful and stabilising during the session; but also it sets up "good habits" in self treatment after the fact.

The simple instruction to relax the part of the body, face or hand you are tapping on is pleasant, really significantly improves the energy flow in the body, leads to the client being more calm, receptive and paying attention to their physical sensations; it cures problems with the hand that does the tapping as well, as this too relaxes and finds a more natural rhythm under less stress all around.

Finally, the insights and ideas which are such an important part of a good EFT treatment "flow more freely" likewise as there is less tension, less stress and the energy system can really benefit from the treatment.

This is very simple, as so many good things are, and I hope you will find this tip as useful as I have in the practise of EFT.

Silvia Hartmann

Author, Adventures In EFT, The Advanced Patterns of EFT

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