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NLP & EFT 4th Edition Now Available

NLP & EFT 4th Edition Now Available

The 4th edition of this special report on how to use EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques in the context of Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP for NLP practitioners and students of NLP has now been released.

The 7 Greatest LIES that have held you back - and the 7 TRUTHS that will set you free!

Originally published in 1999 as a part of the education for professionals series commissioned by TheAMT, this special report by Silvia Hartmann takes a close look at how EFT can be used to expedite NLP techniques, from submodality work to timeline and strategies, hypnosis and more. The paper also discusses how NLP techniques such as rapport, calibration, languaging and hypnosis can be used to make EFT much more precise and effective.

This report also includes "The Healer Model" and the fourth edition is now available here:

You can read an excerpt from this paper on EFT and NLP here:

  • Note: Owners of one of the previous ebook editions can upgrade their ebook to the latest version FREE OF CHARGE.
  • MODERN Energy Tapping Replaces Energy EFT

    Important Notice: In 2018, Energy EFT was officially retired and replaced by Modern Energy Tapping, which uses energy tapping without the psychotherapy approach of tapping on negatives or having to delve into trauma. Start with Silvia Hartmann's book, Modern Energy Tapping and find practitioners and training courses at,




    Modern Energy Tapping Book By Silvia Hartmann

    Modern Energy Tapping: Engaging The Power Of The Positives For Health, Wealth & Happiness

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