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Paranormal Happenings In An EFT Session?

DS writes: While working with a client with EFT the other day we were working on some things that she felt were from a past life - then it got cold in the room and the cold was emanating from her.

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She had this pressure on the front of her shoulders. I asked her to use a metaphor (I learned this from your EFT ebook) to make me understand what it feels like to her. She said a harness was on her shoulders.

We worked through it and cleared the pressure and harness away to a zero without making any other connection to the harness except that she had been stifled by her father to be quiet and learn to know her place.

Anyway when all that came down to a zero and she felt clear she had to run to the bathroom and when she came back in the room I could feel this chill in the air and asked if I should turn up the heat. She said she was cold and in fact the chill in the air was coming from her and it was indeed. For about 5 minutes it felt quite cold in that room and then it dissipated.
Your thoughts on the situation would be appreciated.
Thank yo.

Ps...I called her today and she had some detox reactions this morning but was feeling fine by the evening.


Hello DS,

that *is* interesting. And I'm sure you know that traditionally, drops in temperature have been associated with paranormal occurrences.

There is a whole big world of invisible occurrences all around us at all times of which we know so little it is actually scary.

The fact that the client led in with "past life concern" and you chose to do metaphor work rather than the usual type of straightforward EFT languaging gives us a further hint that there was something paranormal involved.

Now one of the biggest dangers in working with what I call the human psychic circuitry (which deals with, is in contact with, and creates the manifestations of paranormal and non-time bound events) is to speculate too much.

We have a phrase that we use and that comes from people who don't know anything about EMO asking us what to do when you do EMO and the client's head falls off.

Now this never happens so the question is nonsensical, yet it gives an indication of just how little that person knows, and just how much they are hallucinating and speculating.

Indeed, the less we know, the grander the delusions of speculation become in a direct cause and effect fashion!

I think all we can safely say about your experience is:

a) It was an unusual experience;
b) The client came with a paranormal concern and a paranormal tool was intuitively used to deal with that;
c) After the treatment, or still during the treatment because it isn't over until the client and you have parted company, there was an experience of a temperature fluctuation that was noticeable and appeared to be generated by the client.

I would speculate that you were dealing with a psychic circuitry phenomenon and that you managed to deal with it well.

I have a lot of faith in our own intuitive abilities to know, recognise and deal with such things in a straight forward fashion if we are not afraid and simply respond to what's in front of us, sans dogma or going off on intellectual wild goose chases, or perhaps I should say, wild demonic possession chases.

Much fun as they may be :-)

I'd say to keep monitoring the client, to really pay attention to what she says and the words she uses in particular, and to keep an open X-file on these occurrences; to collect more data as and when it arises, and most of all to steer away from thinking any further about such things in the absence of new data because that's what gets us as people into deep trouble in general.

Fascinating and nice work from you.

Best wishes,


Silvia Hartmann


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