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EFT Through The Seasons Protocol

EFT Through The Seasons Protocol

Today, I saw a man who had been suffering from Seasonal Affected Disorder (seasonal affective disorder) or SAD as the fascinating acronym may be, and it turned out that the reason he got sad every October was nothing to do with our planet turning merrily through its seasons, as it does, but in fact with a severe trauma that had happened to him as a teenager and the date it happened was October 11th. That was the day when "the lights went out ".

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EFT Through The Seasons

SAD Seasonal Affected Disorder (seasonal affective disorder) can strike at any time of the year ...

Silvia Hartmann


The days are getting shorter.

For many people, this heralds the onset of "the Winter Blues," a form of depression put down to an electro-chemical reaction in the brain that happens under low light conditions.

For many other people conversely, the change in light is a wonderful thing and they get excited, shake off the lethargy of summer and rub their hands gleefully to get going on lots of projects, interesting things to do, see and feel, and eagerly looking forward to the first fall of snow.

Today, I saw a man who had been suffering from Seasonal affective disorder or SAD as the fascinating acronym may be, and it turned out that the reason he got sad every October was nothing to do with our planet turning merrily through its seasons, as it does, but in fact with a severe trauma that had happened to him as a teenager and the date it happened was October 11th. That was the day when "the lights went out ".

"Aha! " I hear the psychologists cry. "Anniversary disturbance! " Right. Like people sinking into depression on any date if it was the date their husband died, or their child, or it was the last time they ever saw a lover, or the day they retired from their beloved work.

There may or may not be a host of biochemical reasons for people becoming unwell when the weather changes, when there is a specific season, or a date, or a public holiday, but as I always say, why don't we take the psychosomatics out first of all, and then we can see what's left, and treat THAT with pills if necessary.

So this made me think of a lovely simple but very mindful, revealing and releasing EFT protocol - EFT Through The Seasons.

We are going to go through the months of the year, one by one, with the following opening statement, borrowed in parts from BSFF:

"I want to heal all January disturbances to their deepest roots and I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself - NOW. "

  • (A note for NLPers: As we are here calling up ALL Januaries the person has experienced so far at the same time, this causes a folding of the time line in a different way; it creates a Venn diagram of all the Januaries overlaid on each other, showing up if there are any repeat incidents of a certain disturbance, be it mental, physical or emotional, and also at the same time, should show us the original event or root cause all in one. The NOW at the end of the opening statement links where the person is NOW to that timeline event taking place as you are tapping. Simple and effective.)

As you are tapping through the sequence of points, and as this isn't a trauma treatment but more of an overall energy system cleaner, reversal remover, and also acts as a "cutting the energetic ties that bind us to events from the past " exercise, I would recommend to tap as many points as you want to, including collar bone, all the finger points, third eye, both bilateral occurrences of a point and any other points or places on your body you feel needs to take part in the treatment.

The reminder phrase would be the name of the month you are treating, so in this case, January.

Keep breathing deeply and stay relaxed.

Let memories flash up and pass by as you tap gently and rhythmically, trust in the process and tap as long as you want to on a single point until it runs clear and you can feel there's nothing left but peace and Even Flow there.

Let your intuition and feelings guide you to how many months you want to treat in a single session; one month a day for 12 days, done mindfully and well, is probably going to have the best results all over.

If you come across a major trauma along the way, don't worry about it. Keep the round going, keep breathing deeply, stay relaxed, let it all flow along to the next memory, the next point, to the end of the session.

I personally like to end a long round of this kind of self treatment in the heart healing posture (both hands flat on the center of the chest, breathing deeply 3x, focusing on your heart center to bring the entire treatment together and have an elegant exist point.

Take a moment to reflect; if you remember a particular trauma and you feel it needs to be treated separately, make a note to give it its own session at another time, where you can give it your full attention.

I do recommend working a friend or an EFT practitioner for major trauma clearance; operating on yourself is a tricky thing and with 8 billion people on the planet, it's really not necessary, either.

Gently work your way through all the months of the year. Some will take longer, some will be shorter to work with because nothing much significant happened that got tied into that stretch of the calendar.

It's a truly fascinating exercise, because you get to take a look at your life in a totally different way, from a different viewpoint; and the trick with this particular protocol is to stay very relaxed, and just to observe, as the treatment does the magic at the energy levels for you.

This protocol also has another very important side effect.

Traumas, disturbances and energetic injuries that are tied to a certain time (of the year) and produce symptoms THERE, but not at any other time, by their very nature are a long time apart. Because of that, cause and effect become difficult to recognise and calculate.

I likened this to going into a wood just once a year, and striking a tree with an axe - just once.

For twenty years or so, this makes little difference; but the more often this happens, and of course, the older we get, the more Octobers there would have been, the more the tree is damaged; and eventually it will fall.

Taking out these "once a year " reversals and injuries is a powerful prophylactic that will prevent stress disorders which can become real diseases if they go on for long enough.

This is a very intriguing, very personal protocol that can do a lot of things for you on many different levels; and it doesn't matter if you are the owner of 20 Augusts in your time bag so far, or of 78 or more.

The EFT Through The Seasons protocol frees up your time, and your movement through time in a very interesting way. It gives you a bigger picture on your life from a new perspective, and with the disturbances cleared and hurtful ties dissolved, offers us an easy way to get back into the natural flow of the seasons more easily - and that can only be good for mind, body AND spirit.

Wishing you good health on all levels, and through the seasons.

Silvia Hartmann


2014 Note: Since this article was written in 2009, we have Positive EFT. Getting a +10 on the energies of spring, summer, autumn and winter respectively is a wonderful sensation and an easy, powerful way to clear blockages and reversals from the energy system.

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