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Modern Energy Tapping For World Energy Awareness

Modern Energy Tapping For World Energy Awareness

On August 8th at 8pm we are having a moment to do some real energy work - to change the powerfield of the ages that has made people be blind to the reality of energy. With more energy awareness, the world for all of us must change and becomes a better place.

Here are some ideas for Modern Energy Tapping set ups or opening statements to use on World Energy Awareness Day and to help bring the light to many, many more.

The 7 Greatest LIES that have held you back - and the 7 TRUTHS that will set you free!

Energy awareness means exactly that - to become consciously aware of the causes and effects of energy, especially on human beings and how their energy bodies produce emotions, thoughts and behaviours as a direct result of energy movements and energy occurrences.

Energy awareness has no religion, it has no affiliation and is really only about becoming more enlightenend to energy occurrences in a personal way.

So here are some suggestions for Modern Energy Tapping approaches to the World Energy Event.

  Modern Energy Tapping Diagram (was Energy EFT)

1. Tapping The Antidotes To Your Own Fears, Doubts & Reversals

Everyone who is active in the field of modern energy work has been at the receiving end of medieval accusations, from witchcraft to being a snake oil salesman, a bad scientist, a bad person, going to hell for exploring outside the strict boundaries of a religion or modern science, or even having been called an idiot or a fool for "believing" in energy.

This cannot help but create injuries, blockages and reversals in energy workers, and that's a sad state of affairs. How can we shine brightly and teach others about energy with all those injuries spooking in our own systems?

So the World Energy Day - or any day! - is a good time to focus on those types of disturbances and tap the positive solutions for things like,

"My family thought I was crazy when I started to work with energy."

"I was ostracised from (xxx) when they found out I work with energy."

"I'm afraid to tell people I work with energy because ..."

"(X) said (Y) about me and it still hurts today ..."

"People will think I'm crazy if I mention the energy work I do in private in public."

"I'll never be successful in (x) if I tell people I believe in energy."

"If people find out I work with energy, bad things will happen to me."

What do you need right now to be more congruent, more confident, more POWERFUL?

What does YOUR energy body need, what does your heart of energy need to start shining like the star you were born to be?

The question to that answer will give you your personal power Positive to tap on and restore your energy body health, functioning, energy and power for life.

Examples might be:

I need more ...




2. There may be specific memories about conflicts over energy work which need treatment with Modern Energy Tapping.

Ask, "What do I need so I can heal today so my energy flows freely and I can go forward and change the world in ease, joy and delight?"

Using EFT Freeflow, you can tap the answers to this question as they arise, one point at a time, until your energy system flows freely.


3. There are so many limiting beliefs in the energy worker communities we can treat with Modern Energy Tapping & The Power of The Positives

... and those are also reversals that get in the way of Even Flow. You can tap on the antidote to any limiting beliefs of your own or on limiting beliefs you have other energy workers express, such as,

"The world is just not ready to accept the reality of energy." = The truth shall set us free!

"It will take 2,000 years before people really embrace the reality of energy." = Real change is fast and powerful!

"People (apart from a few) are not evolved enough to become energy aware." = People are amazing and were born to dance in the oceans of energy!

"It is going to be hard and difficult to convert the world to energy awareness." = Energy is good news!

"Normal people don't want to be bothered with energy stuff." = People LOVE learning about energy!

"Anyone with a University degree is bound to reject energy work." = LOVE BEATS FEAR!

"People have been too brainwashed by science and the media, it will never happen in my lifetime." = I have FAITH, HOPE and I TRUST IN LOVE!

"I'm only one person I can't do anything about the other 7+ billion out there, it's too much." = ENERGY IS LIMITLESS AND INFINITE!

"The men in black (or any conspiracy organisation) will come and get us if we speak out about energy." = My own POWER, LOVE & INTELLIGENCE will keep me safe!


4. Getting to the Energized End State with Modern Energy Tapping for full power energy!

When you've done the limiting beliefs and treated the major injuries, reversals and blockages, it's time to tap EFT on some positive statements to get your energy flow beyond the point of peace and into the feelings of joy and happiness, which is where the power really lies in all energy work.

Tap for such statements as,

"Energy is joy."

"Energy is love."

"Energy is life."

"Energy connects us all."

"Energy flows freely through me."

"I love energy!"

... until you really feel tingly and fully energized all over.


We get just a few good people starting to tap for things such as this, and we *will* make a change in the world.

In fact, if we start tapping NOW on our own energy reversals (in the literal sense of the word!) when it comes to the 8th of August at 8pm, I'd think we'll all have a whole lot more to give.

Energy rocks!


Silvia Hartmann

Author, Modern Energy Tapping

MODERN Energy Tapping Replaces Energy EFT

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