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When Is Energy EFT Self Help Simply Not Enough?

When Is Energy EFT Self Help Simply Not Enough?

When should you switch from self help to working with another person who has training in advanced modern Energy EFT?

Here are 4 instances when you need a Professional Energy EFT Master Practitioner by your side.

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A person on the Energy EFT group requested tips on what to do with a problem relating to an operation and anaesthesia long ago.

I said:

"I would consult with a good Energy EFT Master Practitioner so that you have a loving person by your side who can discuss what happened and when, and how to resolve the emotional/energetic blockages from that time.

With a problem set such as this, it is just easier, better, than to try and do the equivalent of home dentistry and resolve this in self help - especially when there's unconsciousness involved as would be the case here. Please get help with this, even if it is just one session to get you started out on the right track."

Energy EFT is a wonderful self help tool, but there are times and places when getting help from an Energy EFT Master Practitioner is the best bet.

When should you switch from self help to working with another person who has training in advanced Energy EFT?

Here are some points to consider.

1. If you don't remember or you are not clear on what happened, you only know that something did happen and "the world has never been the same since," you need another person to ask the right questions, or you can go around in circles for a long time.

Especially if your symptoms are severe and making life difficult, day by day, you should move forward with all speed and get help as soon as possible.

Time is far more precious than money (there is no time lottery!) and if you are suffering, please seek help as soon as possible.

2. If you have had a lot of talking therapy already, the whole thing has become most likely very confused and confusing by now. Many different ideas, thoughts, dreams, all of that is just a mess now and needs to be sorted out into a logical order and sequence to work with Energy EFT so that it resolves properly.

To help you discover a logical order and sequence to the Energy EFT treatments, and to keep you on track so that the problems actually resolve right, another person is of the essence.

3. Issues that have a super high emotional content - things that scare you when you think about them.

We are not meant to function by our lonesome selves - we are social mammals by design, designed to work and live and play togehter, we become stronger with help.

There are simply places you cannot go - in your mind, in your memories - by yourself and alone.

That is not a sign of weakness at all, it is right and natural to get help to go into the "dark places."

Having a person there who knows how to de-stress you, keep you calm, stable and breathing deeply is ... a no brainer to me, it's absolutely the right thing to do!

4. Things you can't figure out by yourself.

This is a big topic, and it goes for everything and including issues you've tapped on for ages already in self help, and they're not resolving, keep coming back, aren't getting any better.

Two heads are better than one, and we often don't see the forest for the trees.

It is often instantly obvious what the problem actually is - to everyone else but the person who has that problem. They are inside of it, blindsided by it, and that's a real draw back in self help.

These are the top four circumstances where getting a session with an experienced Energy EFT Master practitioner can really help, and where self help just can't compare.

Let me repeat one more time - getting someone to assist you isn't a sign of failure. It's common sense.

(Just ask the wife of that man who thought hiring an electrician was a waste of money and who tried to re-wire the house himself ...)

Also, and I can't stress this highly enough, modern Energy EFT is not a talking therapy.

You don't have to talk about your feelings about your father, or re-live any horror at all.

Professional Energy EFT Master practitioners have a huge array of methods and techniques at their disposal, all designed from the ground up to make the process of healing and change easy, gentle, and in the end, wonderfully beneficial.

You are not going to get your head shrunk, you will be treated gently, lovingly, and you will learn many interesting and useful things you did not know - about Energy EFT, about yourself, and how truly amazing a tool for transformation Energy EFT can become if it is used correctly.

Modern Energy EFT is nothing like the harrowing archaic psychology treatments of old - it is a revelation in releasing mental, emotional and spiritual pain, and a regaining of strength, joy in life, and an unfolding of new possibilities for you and those you love.

I encourage you to make your own personal happiness your goal - your happiness matters! - and if you need help, please go and get it today.

With my best wishes and blessings,

Silvia Hartmann
December 2014

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