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Which EFT Tapping Point Does The Trick?

Which EFT Tapping Point Does The Trick?

Silvia Hartmann writes: Here is a nice, simple method to help with calming down when tapping with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques when stress is high.

Over time, this can also help you build up a better idea how your energy system works, so you can have a personal map you can work with in many different ways.

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This is as simple as to ask,

"Which one of these points is the one that brings the most benefit, or the breakthrough, or the relief in this case?

"Which other points have some influence on this problem?

"And which points seem to do nothing?"

For example, this morning I was helping someone with their EFT tapping over tinnitus - a high pitched squealing in the ears that is probably related to high blood pressure.

I asked them to pay close attention as they tapped each point how this affected the sound they were hearing, and also suggested they look out - or rather, listen out in this case! - for any slight changes in the sound and make a mental note at which point this might have occurred, so we could return to these points and tap them some more later on.

I noticed right away that the person was slowing down their previously frantic woodpecker style tapping and giving much more focused attention to the whole process; I also noticed that they de-stressed pretty much instantly as their attention was focused on the physical sensations of the tinnitus, the tapping, and the results this would bring.

"Ah, that's useful," I thought, as the person tapped through the first few points quite slowly and thoughtfully. They were certainly relaxing and their breathing was getting deeper, and then at the collarbone point, they said, "Ah! That's changed it! It's ... slightly less loud, and a bit lower in pitch!"

"Oh, that's very good," I said, "Let's remember that collarbone point and keep tapping."

The person started on the finger points and then exclaimed, "Oh! It's completely gone!" after a few taps on the middle finger.

"Are you quite sure?" I asked, "Completely gone?"

They listened carefully and then said, "Hm, perhaps there's a little teensy far away rushing still there ..."

I said, "Try the two points that worked before, collarbone and middle finger."

The person tapped both and the sound disappeared altogether then, and they said, "My hearing feels much clearer than before, sharper. Like my ears have been washed out!"

They were very happy and also in a strange way looking forward to the next time the tinnitus would appear, to check out if those points would help again, or if other points had something to do with it on this occasion.

What happened in the greater scheme of things is that the person has become aware of there being a CONNECTION between the collarbone meridian, the middle finger meridian, and their ears - somehow.

That's an interesting thing, and the very beginning of a personal map of one's own energy flows, and how they relate to one's own topics of stress, because it is no accident that this person has the worst symptoms of their stress and high blood pressure in their ears - not everyone does.

So, once more in brief.

Paying close attention to the EFFECT of the tapping on the problem in hand on each point is in and of itself a good move that takes a person to a meta position beyond the problem, and actively seeking a solution.

This reduces stress from the moment the person starts to "listen to" the responses of their mind and body to the stimulation of that PARTICULAR point, which of course is always beneficial for any EFT treatment.

Finding one or more points that have a "special effect" on the problem in hand is very rewarding, and it gives one a sense of control over the process that isn't there if one taps blindly, randomly and just to "cover all the points as quickly as possible."

These points can be very useful for THAT problem in the future again, as was the case with the Tinnitus person.

Apart from all that, there is a real possibility of building up a map of one's own energy flows and how they relate to one's problems over time by paying attention in this way, and becoming aware of the connections between the tapping points, and how they have an effect on the problem.

All of that is a very good thing to learn more about EFT, become more intimately familiar with those special points and our own energy systems, and to become more aware of energy movements and responses in the body and the mind.

Very useful all round, I recommend this.


Silvia Hartmann

Author, Adventures In EFT

September 2009

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