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Why EFT Improves Paranormal Skills & Abilities

Why EFT Improves Paranormal Skills & Abilities

Paranormal skills and abilities, which include energy healing, telepathy, empathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience and many other very helpful talents besides, are run by aspects of our energy systems that are fine, and fragile.

As such, this "psychic circuitry" is extremely susceptible to stress disturbances which can and do result in problems with magic - manifesting all sorts of chaos, creating psychosomatic illness in oneself and in others in the environment, and of course, magic failure when nothing works any longer at all. EFT can help.

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Although EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques doesn't act on the psychic circuitry directly, by taking out reversals and stressors from the energy system at large immediately improves all the "magic" or paranormal functions any normal human being can learn to access.

With paranormal experiences and manifestations, people experience a very high level of stress if they are disturbed.

All sorts of really crazy things can happen, and the stressed mind can jump to very crazy conclusions as to what is going on. This is the main reason for there being so much basic fear of magic, and so much misinformation on the topic. People who are entirely encompassed in a field of high disturbances of fear, stress and terror will naturally end up thinking, feeling, saying and doing things that border on madness, if they are not simply crossing that border and end up completely illogical, completely insane, and all rhyme and reason has broken down irretrievably.

This happens naturally under high stress, and it is dangerous, damaging and a perversion of natural systems that should help us every day, that are designed to help us create and navigate reality in the first place.

Using EFT to take out major blocks, reversals, and accumulated stressors that relate to the experience and functioning of the psychic circuitry is an extremely important aspect of personal development for anyone who works with the human mind, with human emotion, with intelligence and with health and healing.

It is my assertion that people are a whole lot more psychic than they think they are, and that people naturally have the capacity for paranormal abilities, just as all people have a capacity to learn to speak, and walk in a fashion.

I have spent some time going through the main causes for disturbances in the energy system that affect psychic circuitry functioning and created a treatment protocol for curing magic reversals, injuries and blockages.

Even if you are not interested in magic or your own paranormal abilities per se, there are topics here that really do cry out for healing and treatment; and I recommend this to anyone who is engaged in self help, personal development or any form of healing.

Go here for the full article on EFT for Witches, Magicians & Those Who Study Magic.

This is an important topic that is not addressed enough, and many problems that people have are rooted right in these particularly severe reversals from the twilight zone.

Silvia Hartmann

October 2010

MODERN Energy Tapping Replaces Energy EFT

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