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EFT Energy Meditation

Unlock the power of EFT to change the way you feel about the world in a whole new and rather delicious way with this EFT Energy Meditation protocol that does not only clear your mind, but will also improve your mind/body flexibility, especially with practice.

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EFT Energy Meditation

Find a time when you will remain undisturbed for about five minutes, or practice in bed and just before you go to sleep.

Take three deep breaths in and out and relax all over.

Now formulate you opening statement, clearly and powerfully.

Of course, you will THINK it strongly, but if you can also HEAR it in your mind's ear, and FEEL it resonate around your energy matrix, so much the better.

Focus on the psychological reversal point of your choosing, either the Karate Chop point or the Sore Spot, and allow your attention to ABSOLUTELY touch and reach those ereas in your body and in your energy system as you make your opening statement and MASSAGE them with the power of your attention.

Don't forget to breathe as you think it strongly and EVOKE IT WILL ALL YOUR might:

"Even though ..., I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself."

Take a break after each repetition and a deep breath in and out, before you focus on that erea again and think it again.

Three times as is advised in the Classic EFT protocol is the charm.

When your opening statement has been delivered, breathe in and out deeply again and now, focus on the first point in your protocol.

In the classic protocol, this would be the EyeBrow point (EB); but if you wish you can start with the Third Eye Point (TE) instead as this gives a slightly different start to the progress of the protocol.

Focus on the point.

Think of your attention as a light that shines on that specific, important meridian point and place all your reception attention there too, to really FEEL what that point feels like, what the erea is like and to notice HOW it feels when you begin to gently massage this erea with your intention alone.


Repeat the reminder phrase in your mind; once, twice, three times for this one point and until it FEELS resolved, released and free flowing once again.

Take a deep breath in and out, and move on to the next point in the Classic EFT protocol.

And in this way, work your way all the way through all the points until you finish up with the PR KC spot, or with the Heart Healing posture for an overall energy matrix re-aligner.

This is a truly wonderful experience, and one you can have as often as you like.

It will improve the flow of Chi across your energy body; will help you unlock blockages and problems in a very profound yet gentle and essential silent way; and it will also improve your "intra-totality" communication skills, focus and energy awareness.

May you always be bright,


Silvia Hartmann

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