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Tapping EFT For Cancer

Tapping EFT For Cancer

Many new EFT practitioners are scared and worried about taking on cancer patients. This is very understandable for many reasons. Amongst those are the fear of being seen to promise a "cure for cancer" - which EFT of course is not; but there are also other fears which include being frightened of the enormity of the problem, of cancer itself, of handling not being able to "heal a person of cancer" miraculously, of the emotions involved, and also, the fear of cancer itself.

However, when we address these fears - which are only energy blockages, energy reversals and energy injuries, after all - we can find that working with cancer patients is one of the most rewarding, energizing, uplifting and beautiful experiences a modern energy practitioner can have.

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So in this article for young EFT practitioners, I'd like to go through some of the reversals to the whole powerfield around cancer and those who suffer from it, to clear the pathway to offer services to people who really need modern energy work to help them through the most difficult days and nights of their lives.

Let's start at the beginning.

When I say that word, "Cancer" to you, where do you feel that in your body?

Are you afraid to even feel in your body, in case "you get it" there?

Can you get a sense of how afraid of cancer you are?

Trust in energy, trust in EFT and tap on it until you can start to feel your sensations shifting, burdens releasing, the fear receding, and you're starting to feel better, more clear and more logical when you simply think the word, "cancer."

Now consider what kind of energy form you might need to channel so that you need never be afraid of cancer again. This is different for different people; examples might include:

  • love
  • Jesus
  • light
  • joy
  • energy
  • life
  • life force
  • power

... etc. Choose something that feels really right and good for you, and tap this now until you can really feel energy starting to flow through your  whole body.

Remember the basic tips: Get up and move with the energy flow; breathe deeply; and in between rounds, drink some fresh water to help with the energy flow.

When you feel fully energized, consider now what aspects of the whole cancer topic are most important to you in your relationship with the idea of cancer.

Write it down so you have a record and can do further EFT treatments systematically and beautifully.

For example.

  • Were there any cancer deaths in your family? Or amongst people you loved or admired?
  • Are there any kinds of cancer that you think you might have done something to deserve, or you fear you might get one day?
  • Do you have other experiences with cancer that still need to be treated?

These are our personal reversals and injuries on the cancer topic and it's really important to clear those from the energy system and wider energy field.

When we have done this, we can consider the "healing of cancer" reversals which are very powerful in modern energy workers who do NOT and NEVER want to be accused of being snake oil sales people or offering false hope to the desperate.

  • How do you feel about the fact that you are a healer yet you can't heal a person of cancer and save their lives?
  • How do you feel about the fact that some cancer sufferers, even though you made it perfectly clear you are working at the energy levels and not with physical healing, will still hope that what you do will save their lives? And that they might be disappointed in that?
  • How do you feel about offering an energy service to cancer patients, some of whom might actually be very close to death and dying?

These are all "heavy topics" but the very weight of these shows us right away there's energy work to be done on this.

The final frontier, and what causes above all else the "heaviness" around cancer is of course, our own fear of death.

Even if you've told yourself a million times that you're not afraid to die, there are still levels and layers of ourselves who are absolutely programmed for survival and who really do not want to die. Of course, this is not a problem for animals who don't have a conscious mind and don't know that the end will come, one way or the other, sooner or later, for every one of us.

For us conscious human beings, knowing we will die is a huge, huge challenge - and yet it is also, only energy blockages and energy reversals.

In your own words, in your own feelings, use EFT to release long held fears and terrors about death in every shape or form, even if it is to start with, "I don't want to die ..." as a set up.

I am not suggesting that we might be able to overcome our fear of death entirely with EFT, but we can certainly attain energised end states, release major burdens from our energy systems and become a lot more philosophical about the whole topic.

This is of course of the essence when dealing with people who suffer from cancer, or any type of life threatening illness, or people who are dying.

With our own worst fears of death released, we can move into a different place, a different space, and make a huge, huge difference to people's lives.

What could be more powerful, or more rewarding than that?

Even though this seems such a "heavy" topic, and it is, it's exactly the kind of thing where modern energy work such as EFT can make the most difference - to ourselves, first of all. The older you get, the closer death looms, the more afraid you become - structurally, systemically. This accounts for a baseline of stress which rises in direct measure, the older we become and which takes joy and proactive energy from our daily living.

So I recommend strongly to trust in EFT, take a deep breath, and take the death topic into your practice groups and to your practice partners. With better energy on the topic, we are then in a much better position to help others - and that includes being ready and willing to help cancer patients and others who suffer from life threatening illnesses we cannot cure.

Silvia Hartmann

April 2012


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