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Testing EFT Set Ups Or EFT Opening Statements

Testing EFT Set Ups Or EFT Opening Statements

The big "hang  up" in EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques for beginners is to find the right EFT set up or EFT opening statement - what you say when you tap your round of EFT.

Once you've done EFT for a while and with a few other people as well (which gives a much better perspective than always tapping only on yourself or wondering about your own problems) finding EFT set ups is easy, logical and natural. Here is a tip how to speed up learning how to find the right set up phrase or opening statement for EFT self treatment for beginners.

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EFT Set Up Phrases

Any one problem can generate any amount of potential EFT Set Up Phrases or EFT Opening Statements - but which one is the right one, the sort that "unlocks" the problem and makes the magic of EFT happen?

Beginners really worry about that; I get more questions about how to find the right opening statement than anything else.

I've written numerous articles to help with that, it might be good to review these now:

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You can generate endless EFT set ups for every problem, and for beginners to save time, I have the following tip.

EFT Set Up Phrase Tip

1. Get a sheet of paper and start writing potential EFT set ups, opening statements and general comments about your problem.

Example: Problem is aerobophobia (fear of exercise).

  • I have aerobophobia and that sucks.
  • I don't know why I have areobophobia.
  • Aerobophobia is ruining my life.
  • If I didn't have areobophobia, I would be so much happier.
  • I really hate my aerobophobia and wish it was gone.
  • I've had aerobophobia for 30 years.
  • I've had aerobophobia since the birth of my first child.
  • Aerobophobia stops me from having fun.
  • All my friends laugh at me because of my areobophobia.
  • My aerobophobia makes me feel heavy, dull and listless.

... and so on and so forth, just keep it coming.

Tapping on all of those as potential EFT set up phrases is possible, and if it was done systematically, by simply ticking off each and every one once it had been treated with a full round of EFT, good progress can be made, and further EFT set up phrases added to the bottom of the list once they become apparent.

A note: Until you start tapping, this extra effect of EFT, namely to unlock fresh ideas, thoughts and feelings about ANY problem, can't kick into action. You can think and pre-plan so much, but at some point you really do need to simply start tapping so a flow of new EFT Set Up Phrases comes into being which will be much closer to the cause of the problem.

Here is the shortcut.

Take each EFT set up phrase in turn and tap just a few points on the face whilst saying the opening statement.


Does that do anything?

Can you feel something?

Can you feel something in your body?

Are your emotions changing? For the better or worse, any change denotes an EFT effect.

Do you have an intuition this is going to do something for you?

On a scale of 10 to 1, 10 being a really strong EFT set up phrase and 1 being a set up phrase that "leaves you cold" and "feels like nothing at all" - how would you rate this one?

Write the number behind the sentence on your page and move on to the next one.

Even if you have a hundred different set up phrases on your paper, now you have some which are much more noticeable than others.

Those are obviously the EFT set up phrases which are the most likely candidates to help you evolve your problem and those should be tapped on with full rounds first of all.

  • Tap the most powerful EFT set up phrases first!

Once you have tapped some of the most powerful set ups, make a brand new list.

Your point of view, your feelings, your thoughts and memories about the problem have changed and this will be reflected in the new list.

As before, test out each set up phrase with a few taps, rate it - is this any good? Does that "move me"? - and then concentrate on your top set up phrases for the next round of treatment.

This is an excellent way to discover your own "magic EFT opening statements" and the keys to your personal problems.

This way of working with EFT set up phrases has another important benefit.

As you are working down your lists of set up phrases and you are learning to pay attention to how you respond to these, you are learning the valuable skill of being able to recognise a successful, powerful EFT set up phrase as soon as you see it, hear it, or think it.

This pattern gives you exactly the right practice you need to get that internal radar going, the spider sense that starts to tingle when you hear yourself say or think something that is going to be a perfect EFT set up phrase.

With a bit of practice, you'll also be able to hear this when other people speak, and that's the final tip.

LISTEN carefully when people talk about their problems and learn to hear/feel/notice when they say those special sentences that make the best set up phrases for use in EFT.

Even watching TV talk shows can give you good practice - imagine the people on the TV were your clients and you would have to come up with a good set up phrase to start their EFT treatments.

And that's the final tip.

Remember that working with EFT successfully is an evolution - the problem evolves, it changes as you tap. What was stuck becomes more flowing and that's how EFT works.

Evolving the EFT set up phrases from one round to the next happens naturally, but it doesn't happen until you start to tap.

So if you're one of the many newbies who is stuck at that point before you even start your first round because you're unsure of what set up phrase to use, take courage!

Get started with the first thing that springs to mind about your problem and simply tap a first round of EFT. That will reduce your stress - nothing terrible has happened at all! - and now you can sit down and make a list of potential EFT set up phrases as described above.


Off you go!

Start tapping! It's free and it doesn't hurt. And every time you tap, you'll lose some stress along the way, and you prove to yourself that you have the will to feel better.

And that's always priceless, precious and the right thing to do.

Best wishes and good tapping!

Silvia Hartmann

Author, Energy EFT & The GoE EFT Master Practitioner Course

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