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Time To Do EFT?

Time To Do EFT?

Vinay from India asks about how often you can tap EFT in a day on an issue and how many days it takes to get over an issue with EFT.

How long does it take to do EFT?

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On 03/12/2011 08:56, Vinay wrote:

forename: Vinay
subject: Time to Do EFT?
message: Hi, 

Please tell me how many times do eft to one issue 
and also tell me how many times do eft in a day

Can we do eft 1 time per day for 1 issue
and if yes, then how much day i have to do eft for 1 issue

Thanking you

Dear Vinay,

I've just come back from teaching EFT at the GoE conference and here, we do EFT all day long for practice and it doesn't hurt.

So firstly, you can do EFT as many times in the day as you feel you want to; it always improves the energy flow, reduces stress and helps you to think more clearly.

Secondly, an EFT treatment round using the Heart & Soul Protocol

takes about 3 minutes if you do it slowly and breathe on each point. Theoretically you could do 20 rounds of EFT in an hour.

Few problems take that many rounds.

What happens in self help is that people start to tap EFT on a problem, do one or two rounds, start to feel better and then they stop. This leaves the EFT treatment half finished because you need to add extra rounds to really improve the energy flow so instead of "a bit better" you start to feel really good and the problem is really solved.

The final thing with EFT and time is the set up statement. The better you are at describing the problem in your own words, the more specific and accurate you can be, the better and faster EFT works, the less rounds you have to tap. If you have trouble finding the right words to make the set up, use the EFT Body Protocol

to focus on your feelings instead and tap to improve those.

The best thing to do is to practice EFT a lot, with a simple set up such as, "Stress!" to get a sense and a feel for how it works.

Also check out

to help avoid the most common beginners mistakes in EFT.

I hope that helps,

Best wishes,


Silvia Hartmann 
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